Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The New 'Do

So...I cut my hair...

When I was a child anytime my hair was cut, it was always done at home, it was always done on a full moon, and, the hair that was cut, was always planted with a tree.  Anybody else?? No?
Looking back that doesn't at all seem normal!  The planting cut hair with a tree, I mean.  But I can say now, only after doing some research and discovering that cutting hair with the phases of the moon is thing.  There's a whole world out there that is guided by the moon and the planets, and I don't mean just for Horoscopes.  Which by the way, I'm not fully sold on.
However, since my childhood hair cutting experiences were founded on Lunar guidance I cut my hair on 17th June 2015 (of the indicated June 17-18 — Summer Solstice which are the best dates to cut for summer. according to 'The Morocco Method' in 2015.

Yep, I cut all my hair off of my head. Okay, I guess I didn't cut it off totally, it's not completely bald, no razors were involved... but, I did have my hair cut off (since I didn't actually take a pair of shears to my head myself).

Now, this wasn't on a whim. some would say I've been on a journey of Natural Discovery and I've been thinking about cutting my hair as part of that journey for a long time....a LONG time - maybe 4 years - I know it's a long time to think about cutting ones hair!  I didn't just think though, I tested the waters a couple times, twice to be exact, but it wasn't cut it ALL off, nor was it 'natural' so, does that count? I'm not sure.

This time however, I know it counts. 

I suppose I 'prepared' for it, which is why I probably actually committed to the actual cut.   I followed blogs and looked at a lot of videos over those 4 years: the tips about what to do before you cut your hair; how to prepare; what to expect.  I found a lot of them spoke about being in shock, not recognizing yourself, not feeling like yourself, not knowing what to do, and having cut all your hair off regretting it, or just wanting it to grow out.

I don't feel ANY of those things.

Is that odd?! I don't know.  What I do know is I wanted short hair and now I have that.

I really just wanted it short and I just want to do all the cool, edgy, funkystylish things with short hair I see all the time. That is depicted in editorials and magazine,s and on runways and red carpets. And all those YouTube channels.  I know short hair is nothing to be afraid of, its not scary, its not regretful. It IS amazing!

Of course, I have to get a custom to short hair being that I've never had my hair THIS short and the last time I did cut my hair was about 3 years ago.
However, I'm really just looking forward to it. I am so excited and I'm just ready to love it!

So... I cut my hair.

~ Josie Jo ~

wha' yuh tink?

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