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What is This NATURAL Thing?

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About This NATURAL Thing...

This NATURAL Thing is part Hair Journal and part Natural Lifestyle that's all about Food, Fitness and Fun through Travels.


First and foremost is my Natural Hair Journey.  The nucleus of the blog.  It is my way of paying it forward, because much of what I learnt and still do, was via same medium.
It's a bumpy ride, but it's also an exciting, entertaining, and interesting one
This journey starts at the very beginning with a TWA, discovering, sometimes battling and oft times compromising with my thick, dense, coarse, type 4 hair.  I share my knowledge and learnings, trials and errors, ups and downs in healthy natural hair care.  I believe that my experiences and information shared are transferable and applicable across all hair types and to all hair characteristics, because it comes down to healthy hair care, which remains the same.


Natural Lifestyle = existing in or caused by nature + the way in which a person or group lives

This is a very important area of This NATURAL Thing, as it defines the way in which I have chosen to live my life, and through which my Natural Hair Journey is successful.

It is itself also a journey, a multifaceted one including FoodFitness and
Fun, to lead a full and healthy life.
It is a struggle, but it is definitely a worthwhile one, and is achievable
I am not Vegan or Vegetarian. I do not follow Paleo, Gluten Free, Whole or the like diets.  I eat red meat and sweets!  I also eat brown rice and whole wheat!  Balance is key, and I share how I find that balance. I know the food I eat is directly related to my health, and the health of my hair, so I choose them wisely.  There is the chance of recipes appearing when I try something I absolutely cannot keep to myself, because, who doesn't love food?

I have always been "small boned" (that's the opposite of big boned, right? - haha).  By all calculations I've also always been underweight.  However, I have always been healthy by medical assessment.  I do not take my natural size for granted and have always enjoyed physical activities - running not included!  I have over time attempted to enter the average ranges of  health (weight, BMI, Body Fat %-age etc) through the use of fitness regimens, which I share here on the blog.  While such topics may not be in high demand, or popular among the larger portion of visitors to the blog, I include it for those who do share in my struggle.  We are a small community, but we exist, and I am here for you!  Additionally, fitness is required to lead a healthy life, and supports a healthy hair journey.

Life should be Fun.  I do have Fun. And I share that Fun with all of you!
Let's all make the very best of this life, and have Fun with it.


    This must be the pillar that really makes This NATURAL Thing a Lifestyle blog!
    To Travel is to Journey, from one place to a next, from one state to another
    This entire blog is in essence travel blog.

    In this space I share ALL my travels with you.  Join me on these travels into different Places and Cultures, exploring expressions of Fitness and (non)traditional Foods, and navigating the Hair scene through it all.


    This NATURAL Thing 

    ...Its's a Lifestyle 

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