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DIY | The Cherry Lola Treatment

The Cherry Lola Treatment first time trial This NATURAL Thing

Ever since embarking on my natural hair journey I have been partial to DIY, it has helped me understand what and how ingredients work on my hair.
When I come across recipes and techniques I do all my research to determine the results and effects on my hair.  There are many, many recipes and techniques out there with rave reviews and sworn testimonies.  But, as you know, in the natural hair world, there is no one size fits all, certainly not for me personally because, well, I know my hair - all of its characteristics, its likes and dislikes.

As a result I'm very critical in my selection process of popular DIYs and techniques.  Before I slap a concoction on my hair I have to be clear on every ingredient and it's purpose.  Hundreds could have had the best results ever from use, but the same may not apply to me (or you).  So I strongly advise understanding your hair, ingredients and methods before diving in head first (pun intended).

I've been researching  the Cherry Lola Treatment (CLT) for the last year, and really gathering enough information to be comfortable with the idea of intentionally putting baking soda in my hair.
If you're new to the natural hair care community this may be your first time hearing about the CLT as it's popularity fizzled somewhere around 2012.

Here's some background info.
Born: 2009
Creator: Cherry Lola (blogger; blog no longer active)
Purpose: Reduce frizz, especially at roots
Results: Clumps/Defines curls
Additional notes from my research
Type of Treatment: Protein; Porosity Control  
Ingredients and Purpose
Yogurt: contains lactic acid, conditions hair; smooths (closes cuticles) and hydrates strands
Liquid Aminos: Bragg's contains 16 essential and non essential amino acids; amino acids are the building blocks of protein
Baking Soda:  highly alkaline (base 9.0); opens hair cuticle
The baking soda in the mixture opens up hair cuticles, which in low porosity hair are very tightly closed, and allows for protein absorption from the liquid aminos (ie filling in gaps in the hair cuticle).  The yogurt closes the cuticle, smooths the hair shaft and strengthens the hair.  Over time with use, the hair gets closer to medium porosity, increasing manageability.
 *click for more information on Hair Porosity or leave a comment requesting a Porosity Post for more details.

I decided to finally give the CLT try because my sister recently added it to her regimen and has been encouraging me to do so as well. AND, moreso really because I have low porosity hair and by correcting porosity (bringing my hair closer to medium porosity) I am able to increase manageability and improve my hair's health and boost it's potential.  Who doesn't want the best hair they could have??

There are a few versions of this recipe circulating the interwebs, however I went with the original recipe dictated from Cherry Lola's video.  This was a personal choice as I tend to use formulas with less ingredients, which makes it easier to determine how things work for my hair.  The more ingredients you add the harder it is to pinpoint which is responsible for the results you achieve.
I had never used 2 of these ingredients in my hair, ever, and I really just wanted to see the effects.  Thereafter, I can add other ingredients (eg honey, ACV, molasses) used in other versions of this recipe to tweak the results as I already know how these affect my hair.
If you've never tried any of these or the additional ingredients I suggest taking the same approach and making your own notes and adjustments accordingly.
Recipe (adjusted from original for my hair length and density)

1 cup Yogurt
3 Tbsp Liquid Aminos
3 Tsp or 1 Tbsp Baking Soda
Plastic bowl and mixing utensils
(I used low-fat probiotic yogurt because that's what I had on hand, used regularly in my smoothies)

1. Place yogurt in a bowl.
2. Add measured amino acid and mix thoroughly.
3. Carefully measure baking soda and incorporate. The mixture will be foamy and airy.
4. Let rest for 15 minutes.
I watched the original video and others about 100 times over the last year (maybe 50x in the last month - lol) and followed exactly as it was done.
Wash Day with The Cherry Lola Treatment

At this point, to be honest with you, I was still apprehensive to put the foaming bubbling mixture in my hair, who wouldn't be?  It looks like a chemistry experiment!  But, no-one's hair has fallen out from using this treatment... I followed through « click for my experience and results.

Have you heard of and/or tried the Cherry Lola Treatment? 

~ Josie Jo ~


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