Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wash Day | Cherry Lola Treatment Results

On my most recent wash day I took the plunge and applied a chemistry experiment to my hair!

I miiight be late on the band wagon for this one, but it's my first time trying the Cherry Lola Treatment.  It's been around since 2009 when a blogger (alias Cherry Lola) experimented with some regular kitchen ingredients to manage her frizz and define her curls.  Back in 2009 I was just embarking on a healthy hair journey, and natural hair was not on that road...yet.  Now that I'm on my natural hair journey I love DIYs and  my interest is always peeked by simple recipes that actually work.  

I do a lot of research as I explained my previous post and only select techniques and recipes that I'm truly comfortable with.  This Cherry Lola Treatment passed the bar for a few reasons including its ability to help fight frizz caused by humidity, which is at an all time high in the summer - this weeks #WashDayExperience theme for July. You will find other reasons and more information on the CLT and the recipe I used for my hair length and texture which was tailored from the original here.  You can find the original Cherry Lola video here with her original recipe.

On to my wash day.  Here's what I did and the results!

I applied the mixture to my hair in 4 sections just as any other wash day process.  Due to the length of my hair it was easier to hold my hair over the container, almost dipping into it to get on my hair from root to tip. I raked through with my fingers, not smoothing, ensuring saturation.  I poured any remaining excess onto my hair.  I had used almost all of the mixture (ie 3/4cup yogurt would not have been enough)
Wash Day with The Cherry Lola Treatment in Type 4 Low Porosity Hair
I took me 25 minutes to fully apply to my hair because I was being careful and thorough.  I then loosely covered with a plastic bag for 15 minutes, just to catch the drips, before rinsing with cool water.

I rinsed over a sink, then followed with a cowash/deep condition.  I DC almost every wash day, and included it as part of the #HealthyHair4Summer challenge.  I also considered it necessary to DC with a moisturizing conditioner following this treatment as baking soda can be naturally drying to hair.  I prefer to be proactive and prevent any possible pitfalls that would defeat the purpose of the treatment.  I'm still using the Carol's Daughter Almond Milk line and loving it.

Wash Day with The Cherry Lola Treatment
My hair after rinsing was like nothing I had experienced before!  I had actual defined coils!! I kid you not. I didn't separate, finger twirl, nothing!! This was my clean hair; no leave-in, no product. My undisturbed 'curl pattern'.  To be very honest, I had never had my hair do this with anything or any method I have used along my journey thus far.  My hair was soft, light, and it moved.
This NATURAL Thing Cherry Lola Treatment Results
 This CLT did exactly what was expected based on theory and explained by the experiences of others.  My hair naturally clumped together, there were defined coils (curls).  Even the following day, there was no frizz.  All I had added to my hair was my Whipped Shea Butter and Oil Mix with natural oils to seal in the moisture and protect my hair from the sun.
This NATURAL Thing Cherry Lola Treatment Results

If you've tried the Cherry Lola Treatment what was your experience?

~ Josie Jo ~


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