Friday, 24 June 2016

VIDEO | First Salon Visit Since Big Chop

First Salon Visit in Year! | Got my hair trimmed
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I never thought an entire year would pass without me stepping foot in a professional hair salon.  I never considered that I would not have relied on the expertise of a professional to care for my hair.
But it happened!
It's been a whole year since my Big Chop which was the last time I sat in a chair and entrusted someone else with my hair.  And its been a great year!  I've learnt so much about my hair which enables me to care for it the best way possible.  No one, not noone else can do that for you, no matter how often they've got their hands in your hair.  I know that now, and I want YOU to know that too.

That being said, I opted to have a professional conduct the task of trimming my hair because I personally do not feel comfortable at this time undertaking the task myself.  I do however promise that one day (soon) I will.

I didn't plan to wait a full year before having my hair trimmed.  It is suggested to have hair trimmed quarterly, and prior to cutting my relaxed hair off, I did have regular trims.  But, over the last year in getting to know my hair, I better understand it's health, and know now that if my hair feels unusually dry, brittle or hard it doesn't need to be cut off, but may need an oil or deep moisture treatment, or may simple have been overexposed or manipulated.  As such, I can take action  in my hair care routine to rectify.

In my research and learning over the last year I have also grown a greater appreciation for hair cuts that improve the health of my hair.  I shared my Secret to Hair Cuts for Healthy Hair Growth recently, which is the main, if not only reason I decided to have my hair trimmed this month.

There was no plan to create a video of the process, but I did capture bits and pieces of the experience on SnapChat (add me | josi_alfa).  I thought you would enjoy this smash-up video of it which I've shared below.


~ Josie Jo ~

When was your last trim? 
Did you go to a professional/salon?

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