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Lunar Hair Care | My Secret to Hair Cuts for Healthy Hair Growth

My secret to Hair Cuts for Healthy Hair Growth
For centuries humans have followed the moon's cycles to determine when to plant and harvest crops; planting during a particular lunar cycle determines what the crop will yield, and often how much it will yield. This same practice can be applied to your hair. It's called Lunar Hair Care.

I first came across Lunar Hair Care Theory last year.  I had decided to finally cut my relaxed hair off and wanted to know the most optimal time to cut it off to experience the best results.  As a child, my mother and grandmother would always and only cut our hair on the full moon.  Did this happen to anyone else? Show of hands, I can't be the only one, ours could not be the only family...right? Growing up though, I simply classified this practice with all other things superstitious.

When I inherited the task of caring for my hair, I delegated this task to hair care professionals.  When they said I needed a trim I got one, although sometimes I reluctantly sat in the chair and winced with every clipped hair that fell to the floor as a result of the scissor happy hands wielding the shears. Is it really all of them?  I've never met a hair dresser that wasn't, have you?  And sometimes those trims turned into full out 3-4 inch hair cuts that I was not prepared for! But I lived.

Fast forward to May 2015 when I silently decided to myself that it was time, I hopped onto my trusty search engine and typed "cut hair on the full moon".

It was at this point that superstition grew logical legs.  There is so much information out there not just about cutting hair with the phases of the moon, but general hair care based on the moon as a regulator of growth.  

I found the following 3 sites which I now regularly return to, to guide my own hair care practices.

The Farmer's Almanac
A time-tested and generations approved compendium of knowledge on weather, gardening, cooking, home remedies, managing your household, preserving the earth, and more. According to Farmers' Almanac tradition, when the moon is in the appropriate phase and place in the zodiac, it's widely believed that activities will be more fruitful or lead to improved results. Consideration is also given to the relationship the moon has with the 12 ruling signs of the zodiac.
My secret to a Healthy Hair Care Regimen
Long used by actual farmers the Farmer's Almanac also provides the best days for health and beauty practices, including cutting hair.
My secret to deciding a Hair Cutting Regimen for Hair Growth

Rhythm of Nature
To live in harmony with nature is key. To better understand the reality around us and adapt the rhythm of working and your own life, you must possess adequate knowledge of these phenomena, which have the biggest influence on them.
The Secret behind my Hair Cutting Regimen for Hair Growth
This guide has a more visually appealing aesthetic than the Farmer's Almanac, and also includes more details for health and beauty practices.

Morrocco Method Int'l - Lunar Hair Chart
Based on the centuries old traditions of humans that have followed the moon's cycles to determine when to plant and harvest crops; planting during a particular lunar cycle determines what the crop will yield, and often how much it will yield. This same practice is applied to hair care represented in the called Lunar Hair Care Chart.

Using the Morrocco Method Int'l Lunar Hair Chart

I use these 3 guides to plan my entire hair care routine.
I do believe that the results I have achieved in the last year in hair growth are due to the practices I have adopted and actions I take based on the information provided by these sites.  Most importantly, my hair cutting regimen.

The moon determines how fast or slow growth occurs here on earth, and this certainly applies to hair.  Women through the centuries have based their hair care rituals on the cycle of the moon.  As the moon grows towards fullness in its waxing phase, so to does the growth rate increase, as well as the ability to absorb and replenish in health in beauty.  As it moves through the waning phase towards the new moon, growth is slowed.

Understand the simple principle that the natural order of things is a collection of repetitive rhythmic processes that affect our health, physical strength and spiritual balance. The mechanisms functioning in nature affects the human being, which is a part of the world (Rhythm of Nature).

Living in harmony with nature is the key by which most of the life charm is revealed.

While these selected guides don't seamlessly align with each other, they have been beneficial to me in my hair care practices.  I don't treat each guide hard and fast, but instead match them as closely as possible to determine the steps and actions I take in my regimen.

Hair Cuts

My Secret to Hair Growth | Moroccoo Method Best Days for Beneficial Hair Cutting
Morrocco Method Best Days for Beneficial Hair Cutting
These 4 times during the year are recommended as (exceptionally) Beneficial to Hair Cutting (to increase growth) according to the Morrocco Method.  This would align with the widely followed suggestion to have a trim quarterly.  
There may be something to this here lunar calendar that someone's been keeping to themselves.

As I mentioned, the practice of cutting hair on the full moon as a child led to my search into Lunar Hair Care.  I learned that the force of the moon is most powerful at the full moon.  Equinoxes and Solstices that only come once a season, which makes them rare and powerful states in the lunar cycle, are the best choice if possible to achieve hair goals.  Even further, the influence of the zodiac on the moon has additional beneficial or negative effects for strength, thickness, beautification (effectiveness of treatments and colouring etc).

My secret to my Hair Care Regimen | Lunar Hair Care Chart
The first time I decidedly and intentionally had my hair cut in June 2015 was during the 2015 Summer Solstice.  I again relied to the guide of the lunar calendar now that it has been a complete year since having my hair cut. Although it is suggested to have a trim every quarter, I did not manage to achieve this in the first year of my journey.

Hair Cutting with the Full Moon
Lunar Hair Care | My secret to hair growth
Screen Shot June 20, 2016
This year the Summer Solstice (which usually falls between 20-22 June) occurrs on Monday, 20 June 2016, specifically 19:34 ADT here in the Triangle.  It coincides with the June Full Moon also known as the Strawberry moon. This hasn't happened since 1967.
FYI | The next occurrence of a full moon coinciding with a solstice/equinox is in Spring 2019
I have therefore decided to take advantage of this rare and powerful occurrence by returning to a professional for my (now) annual trim, on Tuesday 21 June 2016 (with an 8am appt).

If this seems at all logical and interesting to you, I invite you to look further into the farmer's almanac, astronomy, and lunar calendar.  I want you recognize the benefits of finding harmony in all areas of your life, not just with your hair.  I use these guides for baking, cleaning, health and beauty.
I encourage you to check into any of the guides, follow it for a month and see if there's any change.  Then share it with us! We'd love to hear (read) all about your experiences. Like it or not.

Disclaimer: These are my own opinions expressed in this post.  I do not work in collaboration with nor receive compensation from any site or business mentioned.  I was not contacted by any business or site to create this post.

~ Josie Jo ~
What do you base your hair cutting practices on?  
What have been your results?

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