Sunday, 19 June 2016

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Thanks to having a couple people visit me here in the Triangle over the last few weeks, I've seen and discovered the paradise that over 500,000 visitors sought in 2015
All while I was taking it for granted, but no more!

Summer 2016 has been a season of discovery and appreciation so far.

I've decided to share this island paradise that I call home with you, through a series called I Live Where I Vacation.  I hope that through this series you too will come to appreciate your very own paradise, that you call home.  You don't have to be surrounded by turquoise waters, or rolling lush green hills, or even fluffy white snow caps all year round.  These are awesome locations. But so are the quaint cobblestone streets, intense architectural structures, and placid lakes the world over.

Go out and discover your paradise!

This summer, instead of seeking far flung locations for that feeling of getting away, do something as simple as Venturing out to the park during lunch; Take a different route home;  Turn down a street you never have before but pass everyday!  Spend your Saturday visiting a new area in your town/city.

~ Josie Jo ~
Go out and Vacation where you Live!

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