Saturday, 23 January 2016

2016 Eat & Move Series | Mini GOALS

For each the 12 months of the year there will be a specific mini goal, which focuses on a single area of Healthy Diet & Exercise (6 each, alternating for balance)

Increase intensity to build stamina and endurance
Establish Snacking as part of daily diet plan
Measurement: Suggested vs Actual Time to complete sessions
3 snacks in-between meals that are muscle building and provide required energy
Assess existing schedule
Establish best times to train throughout week.
Assess schedule and determine Eating Times

Establish best eating times (ranges) through the day to ensure body has a continuous supply of energy around workout schedule and ensures calories to go muscles when they need them
Focus on Breakfast
Ensure a minimum of 8 hours sleep to allow the body to rest and recover
Build a template that supplies the body with nutrients to take it out of fasting and carries through mid-morning
Focus on increasing body mass
Focus on Lunch

Build a template of a well balanced meal that provides the nutrition needed by the body to prevent 
Focus on increasing strength

Focus on Dinner
Build a template of a well balanced (post training) meal to feed the stressed muscles in dire need of replenishment and to jump-start the recovery process -on training days especially
Focus on increasing body mass
Ensure desserts contribute in value (that they are nutrient dense) and encourages muscle growth while sleeping

~Goals subject to change as the journey evolves~


How the Series will work.

At the beginning of each month
  • Highlight Mini Goal
  • Provide information on the area addressed by the goal 
  • Identify the medium through which the goal will be achieved (ie specific program, completing a challenge)
  • Start/Pre Measurement
At the end of each month, I'll do a check-in/recap to cover
  • Goal Success (Progress)
  • Obstacles/Hurdles that may have arisen/Detours
  • End/Post Measurement
  • Other

I do hope that you opt to come along on this journey. Whether you have had the exact, similar or not nearly the same experience.  The goal is your own, and the breakdown can be customized to fit your own personal situation (eg To maintain/reduce body mass or To Tone or To increase Strength or  to Improve Overall Health).

The first check-in will be on February 6TH.  

See you then!

~ Josie Jo ~
Comment and let me know if you'll be coming along on this journey!
if many of you will be, I will create a "link-up" so you can join in and post your progress as well

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