Friday, 17 June 2016

Update | 1 Year Later

Can't believe it's been an entire year already... to the date!

The day I had my relaxed hair cut off, 1 year ago
I remember when I got home from the salon the day I had my hair cut like it was yesterday.

It's been an exciting journey thus far! My hair continues to be surprising and amazing, and does things I never thought of or imagined.  It's been truly and enjoyable experience.

Some people may think that having a TWA renders you limited to the same look, day in and day out, until you hit the 'awkward stage' - which, I may need someone to tell me when it hits because I'm having so much fun I might just miss it.

I am here to tell you that the TWA is probably the best thing that will EVER happen to you on your hair journey.  How so you ask?  I'll take you through my first year post 'big chop' to show you, not just tell you.
The day after my Big Chop - 1 year ago
The days immediately following my hair cut I didn't know what I was doing with my hair.  It was so short there was almost nothing I thought I could do with it beside fro it out. 

I've never been afraid of short hair however, having a pixie cut twice before returning to my natural hair.
1 month into This Natural Thing
The fro was good to me though.  It was quick, simple and easy and I was out the door faster than ever before - even than with my Senegalese Twists.
TWAs can Flat Twist!
After just one month, I realized that I could create flat twists, although only along the center as my hair had been cut lower on the perimeter and longer in the middle.
A Side Part - Simple Things with Dramatic Effects
I also discovered the versatility of a side part, which switched up the whole look!
Who knew something so small could have such an impact?
Comb Curls 3 months after Big Chop
Three months later, by September, I was able to do a full head of comb curls.  And although I was repeatedly asked if I was "doing locs", it didn't phase me.  I felt more accomplished in the fact that I was able to create these little worm curls after just 3 months! 
Versatile Styling for TWAs
When October-November rolled around, I was rocking the faux hawk hard! The sides had enough length to give me 3-4 flat twists, and I was mastering the 'twist out' on longer pieces.

I was rewarded at the end of the year with the ability to successfully execute a full perm rod set. Well, I didn't execute it, but it was accomplished.
Flat Twists for All Hair Lengths
2016 has been the year of flat twist styles.  I love creating these flat twists styles for so many reasons.  They keep my hair protected, they last more than a week, 2 if I'm lucky, then they turn into a whole other style
 read all about why you should love flat twists too, no matter the length of your hair.
1 Year Natural - Flat Twist Styling
I've also had one official long term protective style during this year, which has a host if it's own benefits.
I've been blessed with a full head of thick, dense, coarse hair, and I do what I can to keep it healthy and encourage growth.  I do my best to eat right and exercise, supported by my Eat & Move Series 2016 currently.  I've been enjoying green smoothies, and completed 3 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenges over this year thanks to Simple Green Smoothies.  I continue to maintain my Yoga practice and have added Nike+ Training workouts via the app.  
Hair is not isolated from our actions and they way we treat out bodies.  
Healthy Living is a lifestyle that our hair relies upon just as much as our skin, weight and general health.
I've played in my hair a fair amount over this year, figuring out what it can, and likes to do.  And I look forward to playing in it some more in this next year!

How many new ways can I play?
~ Josie Jo ~
How long have you been natural? 
Share your journey in the comments! I'd love to see/read all about it

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