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Eat & Move Series | May Review

Got me some some...SLEEP?!?
You may recall that I focused on Sleep throughout May as my mini goal in this Eat & Move Series.  If you missed it, I explained why it was so important that it was included in this series here, as well as highlighted a few training specific benefits of sleep.

May Mini Goal

To help me assess my sleep I downloaded a free app from the Play Store that allowed me manage my alarms, as well as track a few variables that affect sleep.

Track hours of sleep nightly to identify quantity of sleep needed for rest and recovery, performance and results

Using the app on my phone I initiated a sleep tracker when I was going to sleep, and ended it when I woke up.  I used this basic function for the first 10 days.
There was a Punch-in Time Off-set feature that allowed a delayed sleep starter - under the assumption that you don't immediately fall asleep once you hit the start button.  I set the delay for 10 minutes before the tracker would start recording.  This function was used for the following 12 days.
The last 9 days of May, I added on an additional Movement Tracking feature, that reported 'restlessness' through the night.


Duration vs Date - hours slept per night compared to minimum target of 8hrs


Sleep Duration Tally - frequency of hours slept

Sleep Report Card


I am a night owl by all definitions.  I can stay up until the sun comes up on any given night. I usually do not feel tired or compelled to go to bed.  As a result, on mornings when I need to be awake early, my sleep usually suffers.  I however have no problems getting up, once my alarm is set, and by my own assessment I function optimally.

Based on my Report Card I failed in achieving my goal as my average sleep was 7.1hrs (7hrs 6mins)
I suffered a debt of 26 hours 47 mins sleep over the month, based on a requirement of 8 hours per night.

I accomplished the recommended adult average of 7-9 hours sleep more than 50% of the time, achieving a full 8hrs of 10nights! However, my Average Sleep Recorded was at 6.87hrs (6hrs 52mins) falling just short of the range, and the daily target.

After tracking my sleep and paying attention to my energy and ability to perform, I would say that I do experience the effects of a lack of sleep on my workouts.  I skipped a total of 3 days following nights of minimal sleep (<5hrs) not considering increased activity levels on rest days as I was hosting, sightseeing and touring with my mommy who came to visit.

Overall Assessment - FAILURE.
I do not currently regularly meet my sleep requirements, which as a result is affecting my ability to perform, experience results an achieve goals.

Future Considerations
Implement a Sleep Schedule, and enforce it, to ensure a minimum of 8 hours sleep per night, regardless of 'feeling tired'.  Allow some flexibility to accommodate daily schedule (ie do not force  10pm bedtime every night).
Nutrition Update
As mentioned I am providing regular updates on my April Nutrition Goal which has been extended through the end of the series
This month showed no improvement in my Daily Intake towards the recommended.  I seem to have moved further away from accomplishing this goal.  I skipped entries for 5 days, and had incomplete entries for 3 days.
I would say in my defense it's been a busy month, but that's only an excuse, and a weak one at that, which is irrelevant to this task.
Note to self: Do better next month!

~ Josie Jo ~
Hove you been meeting your sleep goals?
Do you experience a difference when your sleep changes?

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