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Coily Kinks | Miss Jessie's Coily Custard Review

In August I finally got some New Hair Goodies (<<see post). I was so excited to start using some new, natural, 'good for you', hair products.  I even joined a hair challenge that allowed me to incorporate some of my new hair goodies in the month of August.  This gave a period of use long enough to test the product, try in a few different ways, and gauge and determine how well the products worked with my hair.  As we all know, 1x use does not a holy grail make.
After testing the waters with a couple of the products, I can say that they have found their spot in my hair care line-up. 

"COILY CUSTARD IS EXCELLENT FOR TRANSFORMING FRIZZY ‘FROS TO SOFT CURLS, FIGHTING CURL SHRINKAGE AND WASH N GO STYLING. Finally, a wash n go styler that really works for “TWAs” and kinky coily hair! Coily Custard is the very best curl styler for transforming tight frizzy ‘fros to loose moisturized curls. Coily Custard is a slippery emulsion that coats each frizzy strand with a dose of super moisture and shine that enhances and defines your curl pattern, reduces frizz, and fights curl shrinkage. With Coily Custard you can now achieve that just-washed look when your curls are shiny, elongated and soft to the touch. Coily Custard is made especially for your glorious crown of curls."

Unfortunately, since August I wasn't as diligent with the other products I was so excited to start using.  I have however been using them, and have done so on enough repeat occasions to determine if they made it to the regular routine.

I would admit this wasn't the product I thought would be my introduction to Miss Jessie's I did have my eye on another.  After some research though, I wasn't too excited about the other products as they contained some ingredients that didn't sit well with me.  This Coily Custard however, fit the ingredient list way better, and the deal on the the day I picked it off the shelf was too good to resist.  So it came home with me.
I wasted no time to use this product.  To be honest, it was the first of my New Hair Goodies that I used, and I was NOT sold.  I was not impressed with the result.  Nothing happened, it just sat on my tightly coiled, kinky TWA and looked at me.  So I took to my trusty blogs and YouTube to find solace, I couldn't be the only one...had I done it wrong?!

After hours of video reviews (not all related, because that's what happens when you go on YouTube) I was still torn.  The reviews were split right down the middle, I wanted a clear answer, and I didn't find it.  The only way I would be sure was to find out myself.


Fast forward to October

I had a lot of traveling on the calendar.  Usually when traveling you play it safe, take staple, go-to, holy grail products, because that's the smart thing to do.  No one has time when traveling to figure out a product and test the waters.  But I guess I'm no one, because that is exactly what I did.
After having zero result with this Coily Custard the first time I used it, I decided it was traveling along with me.  And that was the best thing I could have done!  It showed me when and how this product works for me, and for the first time, I was able to identify the effects of different climate and environment on my hair.

I travelled to Trinidad. Tropical Caribbean Island.  Land of my birth.  Hot. Humid.  Breezy.

The last place I lived with my hair in its natural state prior to cutting in June 2015.  But it was so long ago, and at the time as a child, I didn't care for my hair, and so I had no recollection of what it took to do that.

Miss Jessie's to the rescue!!!

My hair started suffering from dehydration.  It was dry, crisp to the touch, and looked lack luster.  When wash day came around I decided to try something completely different; to save my hair, and partly because I wasn't prepared (see what I mean here Wash Day | Vacation Surprises).
After that wash day, I was a Coily Custard convert.  You couldn't tell me nothing wrong about this product!  But as with all things, a grain of salt.  So I restrained myself from coming on here and singing praises.
It has been a solid 6 weeks now, with regular use in wash n' go, daily refresher, and style booster.
  • After application I can run my comb through very easily (I usually finger detangle).
  • My hair remains soft after (air) drying.
  • There is no visible residue, or significant build-up (I wash my hair every 10dys avg).  
  • My hair has a healthy sheen (Note: there have been some changes in my diet, and I do use oils to seal after applying the Coily Custard).
  • There is visible definition of coils/kinks, without manipulation.
  • I haven't experienced frizziness (Note: I do use oils to seal)
Wash n Go Results with Miss Jessie's Coily Custard
I can safely say that this product works well for my coarse, dense, tightly coiled, thick TWA in a hot, humid, (island) climate.  It will definitely be a staple incorporated in my Summer routine.  
I am now in more temperate climate and I have sparingly used the Coily Custard since, but the results weren't as stellar, so I am putting it on the bench until warmer weather beckons.

~ Josie Jo ~

Have you tried Miss Jessie's Coily Custard?  
What were your thoughts?

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