Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Spicy Greens | Creating a Better Me - October Challenges Review

In October I undertook 2 challenges in line with my journey towards a Natural Lifestyle which I spoke about in my Green Smoothies & Spicy Yoga post last month.  I am so happy that I selected both these challenges as they were so complementary, and became seamlessly incorporated in my regular routine.

The Yoga challenge was hosted by 2 very inspirational yogis that I follow on Instagram and required daily posting towards generating a target number of posts to accumulate a charitable donation.  I also found the Green Smoothie challenge via Instagram, daily postings updates weren't required, but were fun to do.  So, I used Instagram as my medium of accountability for both.


Thanks to @SimpleGreenSmoothies, I not only had my very first Green Smoothie, but also made it myself!! Admittedly, the first wasn't very appealing to look at, or exciting to taste.  But, I had accepted the challenge and so I wasn't going to let 1 green smoothie conquer me.  I continued to create my green smoothies following the recipes that were emailed weekly my the hosts.  The weekly email made it really easy to stick to the commitment, even while I was traveling, which by the way I did for the entire month of October.  Also having a few recipes at a time meant that I could choose which concoction I would brew that day, based on what I felt like, and what produce was available.

While I didn't have a (new) green smoothie everyday (recipes made 2 portions), I definitely had more green smoothies than I've ever had, and can say that I have noticed the impact of incorporating the green smoothies to my diet.  Although all things did not remain constant (for a true analysis) due to my travel, the effects of the change in climate, schedule and social influence, I am confident in saying, were counter balanced by the introduction to my diet.


Yes, another yoga challenge.  It complemented my everyday routine, but allowed for a deepening of my practice, which is why I accepted the challenge at the time.  I regularly practice yoga and so I'm aware of this area of my journey in establishing and building a Natural Lifestyle.  It was neither the first challenge of its kind, nor the first with the hosts @beachyogagirl and @KinoYoga .  However, it was indeed a challenge that pushed me to explore different poses and push the boundaries I had set myself for my body.  I acknowledge that I sometimes allow myself to become comfortable on my mat, and return to the same poses in my practice.  It was good to achieve a higher level of expression in my practice.

As with any challenge I undertake, these have not ended here.  I chose these, and others in the past to introduce healthy habits to my lifestyle and to improve my journey.  I use the challenges are a way to establish specific habits, for continuity and long term benefits.  I continue now and will continue to have green smoothies in my regular diet, and hopefully work my way up to a daily green smoothie.  And of course, I will continue my yoga practice, and continue to push myself beyond the imaginary boundaries, in a safe method of practice.

These were 2 amazing challenges that were perfect for October which is usually a transition period making it perfect for introducing and incorporating new habits towards healthy routines.

Did you check out these challenges in October? Were you following along on Instagram?
Let me know in the comments below if you did, and if you completed the challenges and would be adopting them into your routines.

~ Josie Jo ~

Have you introduced any new habits to your Healthy & Natural Lifestyle?

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