Wednesday, 11 January 2017

How the Eat & Move Series Changed My Future | Key to A Successful Future

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HAPPY 2017!!
2016 is officially behind us and I know you're all excited about 2017.  I am too.  
Like you, I'm looking forward to all the new experiences and challenges that this new year will bring.  But before we go forward, we must look back.
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In order to get off on the right foot and truly understand where we're going this year (and the future in general) we must acknowledge and appreciate our trials and accomplishments over the year.  Last week I shared a little exercise I did at the end of the year that would set you up for this year, and next, and as far into the future as you choose.  Coupled with this super short follow up, your year ahead is guaranteed to be successful.

Give yourself credit where it's due.

Apparently the most successful people in the world continue to achieve success by recognizing when they succeed at something.  The important thing isn't singular success, but the acknowledgement and ownership of the act that brought about success.  Regardless of how minute or massive it may have been, it happened and you did it.
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You can complete this follow up in as little as 10-15 minutes.   
Write down all the things you're most proud of doing, experiencing, accomplishing, acquiring, obtaining, giving, having, etc; again, there is no limit on the magnitude.
I encourage you to start with something you have a running log of, this way it's easy to identify your successes and the circumstances surrounding them.  Once you see and know that you have accomplished success you move forward knowing that you can do it again.
You have the winning formula that you can repeat and apply in the future to achieve more and greater success.
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In sharing my journey through the Eat & Move Series with you over the year I basically kept a running log.  It was a means to keep myself accountable and also to record my progress on the journey.  As a bonus, I documented both my successes and failures, of which there seemed to be many.  But with each mini goal review I discovered and learnt things I may have overlooked had I not took that time each month to reflect.  This made identifying my wins through the year a tad bit easier, and also encouraged me each time I failed press on with more determination.  Now, going forward I know what strategies work leading to success and which don't - and therefore won't be repeated.

For those of you who keep a journal this is a great place to begin.  And if like me you don't keep a journal and recollecting every area of your life over an entire year is overwhelming, then pick one area or one thing that you gave just a smidge more time and effort to this year, to reflect on.  Once you've identified your progress and/or overall success in one area, it becomes easier recognize your successes in others.

I wish you a Successful year ahead!

~ Josie Jo ~


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