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The No Make-Up 'Look' | Beauty

The No-Make Up 'Look' | This NATURAL Thing | Alicia Keys No Make UpThe No-Make Up 'Look' | This NATURAL Thing | Alicia Keys beautiful woman celebrity face portrait #headshot T: @Alicia T T T T T T Keys: The No-Make Up 'Look' | This NATURAL Thing | Alicia Keys mostró sus estrías con orgullo:
Last year I watched the "No Make-up Look" grow, getting a lot of attention in the magazines, on runways, and in many, many tutorials on YouTube.  I also noticed a few celebrities who made a statement with simply No Make-up.
But which came first?

I'm inclined to say simply No Make-up, and I'll even use the term of reference 'look' as support to my theory.  So how did we get to this place of relying on a look?  I for one don't want to look like I'm wearing no make-up meanwhile my face is covered in foundation and concealer (and whatever else).  I'm choosing the route of No Make-up. What about you?

I'll confess now, I am no make-up guru.  I know some basics, but don't ask me what a full face entails or what exactly is baking.  I'm not against wearing make-up, I totally agree with the arguments of make-up for enhancement, or special occasions, and adding flair.  Wearing make-up is fun.  The application of make-up is also an art, hence I prefer to leave it to the artists.  I am no artist.  So you see, the No Make-up route is right up my alley.

Are we No Make-Up ready though?  I am not!  Recently, my skin launched a rebellion.  There is literally no other way to comprehensively describe this attack I'm currently experiencing.  I have problems with my skin now that I didn't even have in my adolescent years when it was at least considered acceptable.  And it's not just my face, skin is the largest organ in the human body, and I mean all of it.  I have no idea what to do, but I do know that turning to make-up only masks this issue. 

So, how do we get No Make-Up ready?


Juicing is trendy usually popping up around this time of year, after the holidays.  There are juicing cleanses and detoxes promising many things, including clear skin.  I've looked at a couple of these and I'm not interested in a liquid diet for any number of days.  But the benefits of juicing are very compelling, and I say this from experience.  So, I'm reintroduce juicing to my existing diet.  Yes, the same one I'm always tweaking; adding things to and eliminating things from, in working towards a healthy, natural balanced diet.  It's a constant work in progress, that frankly I don't think I'll ever complete and be finished with - there'll always be something to try, after all there's a new super-food every month, or at least it seems that way.
Sidebar | I used to juice regularly - ie 1/wk - a couple years ago.  What I would give now to have the skin I had back then.  Now, I'm not saying that my clear skin was a direct result of my juicing.  I'm just saying that these 2 things co-existed at the same time.  So, it won't be far-fetched if I said that they were related, would it?
Presently, I'm at my homestead in Trinidad where the times of my regular juicing ways once lived.  Therefore the introduction of this practice at this time does not come at an expense - which, let's face it, can be a deterrent in introducing something new.  But let me build a case for you: I consider the purchase of a juicer an investment; Improve overall health? Check! Longstanding use? Check!  Win-win.  This isn't a fly-by-night practice, this is a habit.  This will become a part of your regular everyday diet.

To really create a difference and realize results, I suggest upping the frequency to 1 juice at least 3/wk - maybe for breakfast instead of coffee or juice, and to stick with it for a full month. I'm starting TODAY.  I plan to continue beyond a month which takes me beyond my stay, which means I'm in the market for a new juicer so I'm taking recommendations.  I'll need something powerful, but not too big or bulky, and definitely not a hard hit on the wallet. Share your preferences, recommendations and reviews in the comments would ya? Tnx!

How does adding juicing your diet help get you No Make-Up ready?  Why not just eat healthier, add more fruits and veggies?  You can do those too!  But since I'm advocating for juicing right now I'll give you 3 reasons
  1. juicing helps to keep skin hydrated, which is very important in clearing skin and obtaining a luminous complexion
  2. juicing pushes nutrients, vitamins and minerals most of which are essential for healthy skin, through your blood stream and into your liver rapidly, therefore resulting in skin that is dewy and beautiful
  3. juicing helps detoxify all of the bodies cells
And if you need more convincing, this is what my skin looked like back when I was juicing 'regularly'
The No-Make Up 'Look' | This NATURAL Thing
My make-up skills have improved just slightly since, in case you were wondering. LOL.

What ingredients you use in your juicing recipes are also important.  There are fruits and vegetables with 'clear skin' properties, such as kale, carrots, cucumbers, apples, to name a few.  A quick Pinterest search or on any search engine will return enough recipes to last you a month a longer.  So let's get started!  

How do you keep your skin No Make-Up Ready?

~ Josie Jo ~


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