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Eat and Move Series | Half Year Report 2016

Eat & Move Series | Half Year Review 2016

Ever gone into something knowing it was challenging, but it still caught you off guard?  That's how this series has me feeling.  There have been so many adjustments to the proposed mini goals;  Acknowledgements and realizations of misalignments this area of my journey. 

Half Year Review

These goals seemed so achieveable.  They appear to be clearly defined and reasonably timed - a month is enough, right?
Eat and Move Series 2016 Half Year Mini Goals for the Half Year Review

Let's REVIEW the last 6 months category


The year started off great with increased workout intensity in January being achieved with great success.  Establishing a schedule in March was also achieved and so it would seem I was on a roll.  Then May came.  Since May there has been a bit of a set back as there were a few rollovers by then.  But that shouldn't have affected sleep, how hard could it be to sleep?  I never thought I struggled with sleep but it has proven my most challenging training goal yet.  In so much as it was also extended through the end of the year until it has been achieved and maintained before being considered successful.


The Diet Mini goals have all taken a bit more than expected to achieve, and all have had to be extended.  These were all also adjusted as new information was gathered and realizations of requirements to achieve my goals were acknowledged.

First off, I thought I ate a lot more than I actually do.

Snacking is now a regular part of my daily diet, though, not always suffice to meet meal requirements.  To date, it is still a focus of the Diet mini goals even though it was outlined for February as I decided to include Snacking as a component of Nutrition when April came around.  In June, Breakfast was the focus, but due to my failure to complete entries for the month a proper assessment could not be conducted.  This too has been included with Nutrition moving forward.


Eat and Move Series 2016 Half Year Results for the Half Year Review
It is clear to me that I have no problems with Training.  I enjoy working out and based on the results of the Diet component, if I'm not careful, I may have adverse results.  Now, for the average person, these would actually be desired results - Less Diet, More Training.  however, for my goals I need More Diet, More Training to complement each other.

I have accepted that in order to achieve my overall goal, a lot more work is needed in the Diet area, most specifically with Nutrition. The foundation has to be established to support the healthy diet and lifestyle, but mainly to facilitate my Training and level of activity.  

Future Considerations
The new information I gathered as resulted in a new RDI for myself which will be the benchmark going forward.  More attention will be given to breakdown of that RDI to ensure the protein-carb-fat ratio supports muscle building and recovery.  This is a priority as the Training mini goals over the next 6 months really need this covered and on point for them to have a chance at success.

So that's what has happened and where we are.  Despite the setbacks and obvious challenges I'm still in it... I'm 'bout it!  I remain motivated and enthusiastic about accomplishing my overall goal.

What's your current feeling at this half year mark?

~ Josie Jo ~

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