Sunday, 15 November 2015

4 Tips That Will Save You Time & Money When Purchasing New Products

This list checklist isn't just easy on the pockets, it saved me a lot of headache from having to deal with potential setbacks in my hair journey because I used the wrong products at the wrong time, or mixed products (lines) with ingredients that did not complement each other.  Also, thanks to the trials and errors of others before me, this list has saved me from wasted hours of styling that failed as a result of the mentioned reasons.

What to Consider When Purchasing New Products

  1. Do you absolutely NEED it right now?
    If it doesn't it provide what your hair actually NEEDs, you know it doesn't belong in your cart.
  2. Will you be using it right away?
    If not, leave it on the shelf. Even if its at a great bargain/sale/deal price.  Getting it will only create clutter and feed your product junkie-ism, and you'd still have to purchase the item you actually NEED anyway. It  is an unnecessary cost at that time.
  3. How will it work with other products you're currently using?
    Especially if its a new brand or one you've never tried, I suggest allowing an introductory period (all things constant) to assess the fit to your hair and regimen. Even with great reviews on its own, it has to work with your existing regimen and products.  So do your research on whether it only works best within its brand family, and/or with other specific ingredients, so that you can mix and match, or not.
  4. Will it work in the current climate?
    As you know, some products just don't work in cold/hot weather due to their ingredient makeup.  Ingredients have seasons.  As a result, buying something out of season, and mistaking its lack luster or failed result for an inability of the product to work, is a disadvantage to yourself.  
I devised this list when I found myself picking everything off the shelf that I had heard of, and wanted to try, and that smelt amazing!!! through my last travel shopping experience.  Due to the limitations that I face in sourcing products, when I find them readily available on my travels, its hard to find the discipline and restraint.  Therefore, I go through this list, and just 1 answer is a NO, I sadly (and slowly) release my grip and walk away.

~ Josie Jo ~

How do you find restraint in shopping?  
Anything I missed on this checklist that is an absolute deal breaker for you?

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