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Wash Day | Summer Hair Care ...& A Challenge

Summer Hair Care | My Go-to Style - Flat Twist Up-do
Summer Hair Care | Go-to Style - Flat Twist Up-do
This is my first wash day since my salon visit last week where I had my hair cut.   It's also my first wash day since summer officially started. If you follow on Instagram (@josi_alfa) you may have caught my mention of some new products I won a few months back, that I recently received that I feel are perfect for use during these mercilessly hot summer days, especially with the heat here in Bermuda.

Remember Me❔❓ . . . I won these products from @carolsdaughter new #almondmilk line about 10 weeks ago📆😐but JUST got them as they went to my sister's house (thanks for not using them @afperfecthoney!😉👊👍) In perfect timing too, as I have some plans in store😏(which, if not executed properly, could be quite harmful to my precious strands😬) So these products are just what I need for prevention and maintenance to avoid unnecessary damage👌 . Also, they are perfect for the impending heat of summer🌞😎😥 Not that I'm complaining, I love the sun, so bring it on! ...and...they smell SOOOOO good, like that @JergensUS Original Cherry & Almond Scent lotion, remember that❕❔😌I loved that lotion! . Stay Tuned!! . . #TBT #songtitlecaptionseries #eminem #slimshady #TNT_ThisNATURALThing #ItsALifestyle
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...turns out thiswas a month ago...

The heat of Summer is upon us now, so its the perfect time to introduce this line to my routine.

It was literally the first time really getting my hands in my hair since the cut as my hair was twisted up.  Following the salon visit I found that my hair had good shine and comb through was a breeze as those ends were gone Detangling? what's that? It did however, feel a bit on the coarse (rough/dry) side as I don't believe much moisture was infused during the salon experience - I felt the products used coated my hair but did not penetrate.

Definitely addressed this during wash day.

Watch the Snapchat smash-up video recap of my First Salon Visit Since My Big Chop
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Let's get on with it...
  • Started with an Overnight PrePoo using Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, and Rosemary Infused Olive Oil Hot Oil Treatment. I made the mix on the spot and warmed up by placing the applicator bottle in a container of boiling hot water before applying to my scalp first and massaging in, then to the length of my hair.
  • I covered with plastic wrap, then, soaked a small towel in the boiling water and place on my head, before covering with a plastic bag, and finally with a towel to trap the heat.
    I kept the contraption on for about 40 minutes, before removing the towel, plastic bag and now soaked cold towel from my head. Wrapped with a scarf and headed to bed.
Summer Hair Care | Short "Type 4" Natural Hair after an Overnight Hot OIl Pre Poo
  • The next morning, I removed the twists that had been in my hair since my salon visit, combed through my hair with a wide tooth comb, which again, was a breeze and put in 4 sections. Then I created a diluted shampoo mix with the Almond Milk Sulfate-free Shampoo (pictured above) and water in a bottle that allowed  me to apply the mix directly to my scalp.  I conducted the process of shampooing focusing on my scalp and rinsed. Then repeated, this time applying the mix to the length of my hair as well.
  • Deep Condition followed after wringing excess water out of my hair and allowing to drip dry for about 15 minutes.  I generously applied the Almond Milk Ultra-Nourishing Hair Mask (see in picture above) to each section and covered with a plastic cap and scarf.
    I then proceeded to complete a 35 minute yoga practice, which served 2 purposes (1)I got my workout in, and as I didn't have a hooded dryer on hand, (2) it allowed for increased heat in my head (yoga increased blood flow and circulation, specific poses such as downward dog are beneficial to hair health - now you know) to open up hair cuticles and warm up the mask allowing for greater penetration.  I then sat around with my DC in for a couple hours, doing things like typing this blog post ;) and having lunch.
  • Before rinsing I detangled as customary, but I really could have skipped that step.
    I rinsed with cool water, wrung excess water out and let my hair drip dry about 30 minutes. This method works for me in keeping my strands hydrated, but we'll talk more about that another time.
  • I then used the Almond Milk Leave In Conditioner, because I wanted to use the full line of products received (which I didn't technically do because I didn't use the Almond Milk Restoring Conditioner, but I did DC with the mask so it wasn't necessary).
I will do a full review on these products after using a couple times, in a month or so. If this one experience with using the 3 products I did (shampoo, mask, and leave-in) is any indication of the results to expect with prolonged use, then I might already be in love. 
  • I finished wash day by adding my oil mix and Whipped Shea Butter to style my hair in my go-to - a flat twist up-do.
Summer Hair Care | Flat Twist Up-do
And I tucked and pinned for dear life...clearly, lol
Summer, you better come! ...and bring the heat!  I'm ready!

I'm hopping back in the #WashDayExperience, I'm not sure when I fell out.  It's a great community, I enjoy taking a peek into everyone else's wash day, seeing what they use, learning about new products, and sharing my journey.  

and Oh, I joined a challenge.

...yes, another one, and it's all about Healthy Hair.  It officially started last week on the First Day of Summer, but you can join in anytime. It's the #HealthyHair4Summer Challenge.
Don't worry, it doesn't have a bunch of rules and commitments, and you don't have to do anything crazy to comply.  Best of all, you're building healthy hair habits and getting healthier hair out of it, whatever healthier is for you, longer? thicker? stronger? fuller? you're in charge of the outcome.
Bonus! There's prizes!
Check out the details below in the linked IG post▼

Click this link to join in ►  

~ Josie Jo ~
Do you switch hair products for Summer? 
How about altering your hair care routine?

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