Sunday, 24 July 2016

Fort Hamilton | Top of the City

A truly, truly hidden space Fort Hamilton stands above the entire city.

Although it borders the outskirts of the city line, it still is very accessible.
When you see this cannon you know you're on the road to the fort 
Regardless of your mode or medium of transport, this cannon faces you almost every time you exit the city, almost...there are maybe 2 alternate routes out of the city from this direction. 

You can ride right up to the premises, or take a 5 minute hike up the road (I say hike, because it's a hill in disguise, like all hills on this island) to your destination.
To enter, you cross a bridge which is suspended over the most magical looking of gardens.  With staircases winding this way and that, and disappearing into lush green bushes..
When you first enter it seems very ordinary, like a regular green space or park. 
It's very beautiful and well sculpted...And it's deceiving in the way in which it will enamor you
Through a tunnel, you're guided up the ascent to the utmost of vantage points.
 You are greeted by the breathtaking views of the entire city Hamilton as well as the Hamilton Harbour, from the port to the docks to the ferry terminal.
You can even see past the Hamilton Princess out to the Great Sound and along Harbour Road in the distance

Aside from the views, you can discover the various tunnels and moats, wander through the gardens and just allow yourself to get lost. 

The day I visited wasn't the sunniest as would have been preferred,to really witness the beauty of the island and location...
...but Bermuda remains picturesque even on the cloudiest of days.

*photos edited for brightness and detail

What hidden places are awaiting you right in the middle of your city?

~ Josie Jo ~


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