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Mud in My Hair...Why not? | Wash Day using Bentonite Clay

Wash Day Using Bentonite Clay | This NATURAL Thing
Is there anything we won't put in our hair?
For ages we've been putting harmful chemicals, then we found out they were harmful and started putting the food from our fridge!  I mean eggs, mayonnaise, bananas, avocados, nothing is safe.  And now, I'm putting mud in my hair! ...what? Mud! Who would have thought the day would come??

Though I am yet to put avocado in my hair.  I just simply refuse to do so, especially at this current time.  A small hass avocado is upwards of $2.50 here!  You better believe when I buy that avocado I'm eating it, the nutrients and benefits will get to my hair...eventually.

But I digress.  I put mud in my hair on my last wash day....ok ok, Clay, does that sound more kosh? Ha ha.  I purchased Bentonite Clay a few months back and decided the time was right (in this month focusing on summer hair care with the #HealthyHair4Summer, as well as, if you recall, I opted into the #WashDayExperience  again for July.  So I figured using my clay now would keep me on track with the goals of both 'challenges' and my hair would benefit, of course.

To use my Bentonite Clay this very first time I followed the Max Hydration Method ie MHM as I wanted a well tested, structured format of application.  If you're not familiar, the MHM is a 5 step regimen similar to the Curly Girl method, ideal for low porosity hair, that systematically increases moisture levels in the hair until Max Hydration is reached.

The MHM is a DIYers dream process, and a non-DIYers worse encounter, just saying.  You can literally make all the products you need for each of the 5 steps, matter of fact, it's encouraged.  I did not, if you were wondering... because I ate all my avocado and put my last banana in a smoothie that morning - LOL  I also did an abbreviated version of the method, completing only 4 steps, because of the plans I had for my hair following this particular wash day.

Let me share with you what I did and how it turned out

Wash Day

This Natural Thing | Wash Day with Bentonite Clay
  • I started with an ACV rinse to cleanse my hair with a mix of 1 part ACV : 2 parts Water, that remained in my hair for half hour before rinsing with cool water.
  • This was followed by 30 mins DC with heat using my go to for this month, the Ultra Nourishing Mask from the Carol's Daughter Almond Milk line.  I kept the conditioner in for an additional hour before rinsing.
  • Then came the Bentonite Clay.  Mixed with ACV, Water and Jojoba Oil to a creamy yogurt like consistency.  I generously coated each and every strand of hair with the mix before rinsing after 15-20 mins.
  • Thereafter I applied my leave-in, from the Almond Milk line, before detangling and 'styling' my hair in medium-large twists.  To keep them stretched and boost moisture retention until the next step in hair care plans to round out the month ie the reason I used these items on this wash day «click link to learn the reason (will be live 3Aug16)

Wash Day Using Bentonite Clay | This NATURAL Thing

Wash Day Using Bentonite Clay | This NATURAL Thing


While the clay was in, my hair had amazing definition - I'm still debating whether it was more than with the Cherry Lola Treatment or not.  It was soft and springy, with movement.  I should mention, they clay does not dry on your hair, drying is not good, it should be washed out long before it begins to dry.  
And then, I rinsed with cold water and my hair said "ok" but it wasn't elated.  
It felt like all the goodness it received from the DC was prematurely extracted.  At the same time, it didn't feel brittle or hard after the clay was rinsed.  It felt like they cancelled each other out.  
The simplest way to describe it is that my hair was reset.
This Natural Thing | Wash Day Result with Bentonite Clay
I had soft, strong, really clean hair...really clean.  So I left my hair alone with twists in for a couple days, so that the natural oils could work their magic. 

Have you used Bentonite Clay in your hair care?

~ Josie Jo ~


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