Saturday, 8 October 2016

Summer's Over, Now What?

“Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson
I have completely immersed myself in a few projects this month, could I call them projects? Let's go with projects, yes!
Maybe to distract myself from thinking about the shorter days and colder nights that come with the change in seasons.  Even here in Bermuda "winter" slowly approaches.  There's no snow here - thank goodness, it's more of a cold, rainy experience, referred to as dampness by the locals.
What actually is right now however, is the height of hurricane season, so we're (and by "we're" I mean I am) always on weather watch.  So much so that if you didn't know me, you might think I was a meteorologist, at least by hobby, certainly not by training.  In most instances, it's just precautionary as the weather systems dissipate without threat.  In any event, with each passing day I lose a beach day never to return (until next year), and I've got to fill that time with something, now don't I?

Yes. I do.  If you're anything like me the end of Summer miraculously gave you more time in the day, even as the day grows shorter.  And isn't that what we're always asking for, saying that we need... more time in the day.  Now you have it!  You could do all the things you could never do because there wasn't enough time - something to better yourself or change the world - why not, go big!
I've started 4 projects that came to me in the form of challenges - that seamlessly fit into my healthy lifestyle quest.  I'm starting small, I'm starting with me.

Here's they are:

Fitness – Yoga
1.    30 Days of Yoga
5.    30 Day No Heat Challenge (ok, this one doesn't really count because I don't use heat anyway, so it's not an active challenge for me)
6.    30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge (this one also doesn't really count because ever since I did my first green smoothie challenge in Oct 2015, a year ago this month, I've been working my way up to a green smoothie a day every day, even outside of the hosted months.  So this has already become a part of my lifestyle, but I like getting the recipes so I stay on the list.
I didn't count the 2 not-actual-challenges (5 & 6) in the total, but since they'll receive some attention this month I included them in the line up.  That brings this month's project totals to 6.

And of course all of this while I'm still  braving through the Eat & Move Series where this month as part of my on-going Training I've signed up for the Gym Strong Program (that is running for 8 weeks!) on my app.

FYI ALL of these are FREE! I know you were wondering...

Yes you read that right. FREE!  All 6 (7 if you count the strength training) I found through various online sites on which I have long depended for variety in my fitness endeavours (particularly yoga practice), and also via our trusty friend Instagram - surprise it's not just flawless pics and LIT videos of the lives we only dream we too were living.
You can start any of the challenges at any time, there was no set beginning date, and nobody is checking in on you - you're accountable to and for yourself.  Each challenge works with your schedule.
We make time for the things that we deem important to us. 
No matter how busy we are, or say we are, somehow there's always time to mindlessly scroll our social account feeds, or binge on the season's latest series - I'm guilty of both. So, decide what's important.

If you're looking to challenge yourself
                     If you're bored with your routine
           If you have some extra time on your hands you don't know what to do with
If you really need to make a change in your life in some way 

Make Summer's end the time for that change, via 1, 2, maybe all of these challenges.
Undertake your own project.
I promise that any one of these, will improve your overall lifestyle.

What did the end of Summer bring you?

~ Josie Jo ~


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