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Eat & Move Series | October Review

Eat & Move Series 2016 | October Review
Nutritionist WANTED!

Acing this nutrition thing really requires a degree.  I totally respect and appreciate all nutritionist out there, those who have dedicated their life to studying, understanding and educating us ordinary folk about healthy eating.  Like I said in the introduction and briefing of October's mini goal, I'm leaving it to the nutritionist, I know my place and I'm staying in my lane.  

Naive I was, to think that I would be able to easily cover this in a few months earlier in the year.  And then, I bravely, or stupidly, attempted to attack it again for another couple months, granted, with an acceptance of my limitations in execution.  What I have realized, is this will be a lifelong mission.  As I continue to work through one goal and then onto another, my nutritional needs will change, and I will have to be able to identify when, what and how to implement the changes.  

It's all a process of learning, and as I learn I'll share with you, because what good is keeping it to myself?  So, you get the ongoing reports of my struggle to reach the ever-moving finish line.

The current finish line, for now, was this October's revisited and revised mini goal:
Eat & Move Series 2016 October Mini Goal | This NATURAL Thing


The idea behind this approach was that eating a balanced diet meant getting all the nutrients needed to feel good all day and have enough fuel for workouts.

I had calculated and recalculated my calorie requirements to achieve my specific goals and decided on using this table below, shared in the October briefing, which gives a detailed breakdown of food group requirements.  
Let me confess before I continue any further, I never referred to this after posting, not once!  And now that I look at it, I'm not sure why I thought it would have been that helpful.  Quite frankly, its abstract.  I get the idea of it, but on a second look, it doesn't work for me.  
Let me know if it did for you though! Because I really hope it works for someone... 
Food Group Servings Chart for different Calorie Levels | This NATURAL Thing | 2016
I started off the month gung-ho, really attempting to ensure the food groups were covered in each meal.  I ended up relying My Plate which I had come across a while back, and it was totally simple.

After that first week, I didn't do much thinking about my food in groups, as much I thought of eating.  And knowing I just wasn't eating enough.  Life long struggle.  

?     Covering quantities of all food groups
P Partaking in conscious eating throughout the day
P Feeling satisfied after meals and throughout the day
P Being fueled throughout workouts
-      No lingering soreness 
-      Appropriate recovery times
Who's surprised?
I'm not. I should be, but I'm not.  But it's not discouraging, I do hope that it doesn't discourage you if you feel like you're experiencing exactly this as well.
If anyone is completely successful with this nutrition thing, holla at yo' girl...

I can say that I'm successful in learning, and that you are too.  This is, after all, a journey.  Discovery and learning is every bit a part of it, and without which, we would remain stagnant and unchanged.  Every disappointment and underachieved goal gives new perspective, understanding, and motivation.  In sharing these I hope you gain something, anything that could be applied to your life in some way.

How do you ensure your nutrition goals are met?

~ Josie Jo ~


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