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DIY | Lightweight Moisturizing Oil Spritz Mix

The perfect lightweight moisturizing oil mix for hair 
while in a Protective Style.

I finally got around to a wash day since having Senegalese twists installed in February.  In order to preserve the twists and help them last even longer, I handled them very carefully during the process and concluded by applying this DIY mix.

I came up with this mix as I just couldn't settle on an existing product on the market.  You ever find that no matter how great the reviews or robust the ingredient list, sometimes a product just doesn't hit the checklist?
...Just me?
Having these twists for quite a while, I've become very familiar with them.  I've come to understand their most intimate needs, and I wanted to ensure I provided them with those needs, so they could give me life for a few more weeks.  And honestly they didn't ask for much.
These twists needed a product that
  •  is lightweight to avoid build-up
  •  is easily absorbed by hair
  •  provides nourishment to main hair health
  •  has sealing properties to retain moisture
Sometimes the problem is, a product just gives too much - less is more.
 You know how sometimes you just can't seam to settle on purchasing a particular item?
In my search, I found was that while there are many highly recommended products, they either didn't check all the boxes, or added too many other boxes.  They didn't charm me into purchasing, giving me the 'must have it, must have it now!' feeling.

That's how I feel about this little concoction I mixed up, after rolling through review after review, then recipe after recipe, that just didn't convince me of its ability to superiorly (yes, that's a word) perform for me.
So, like they say, when it's missing from the equation, create it
What!? Nobody says that?
Well, I just did.
I mentally scrolled through all the ingredients that were common, popping up in reviews and research.  Keeping in mind the ingredients I have discovered my hair loves I decided on these 5 (water excluded):

The Ingredients

Distilled Water

cause, it's the universal moisturizer

Leave-in Conditioner

A lightweight conditioner that does not weigh hair down with heavy oils that attract dirt, Hydrates hair to produce a healthier, more lustrous, softer and manageable hair texture, and as a bonus contains sunscreens that protect against the cuticle-destroying effects of the sun.

Aloe Vera

Great for overall health, it is beneficial beyond topical use on hair, having immense health properties.  In this mix it's pH balancing properties and ability to help the hair retain moisture are key. Additionally it provides strength and luster to hair, easily penetrates hair and scalp, and has is an anti fungal relieving scalp itching and alleviating dandruff.  As a natural ingredient it also does not promote build-up.

Vegetable Glycerin

Is soluble in water, and is able to dissolve many oils, making it a very good emulsifier.  It is also very moisturizing, although on the thicker side, as its made of small molecules able to absorb moisture from its environment, making it a great humectant.

Caution should be taken in adding glycerin to DIY products.  Its effectiveness is highly dependent on the atmospheric humidty in which it is used.  In hot humid climates, glycerin absorbs moisture from the air into hair.  In dry climates, glycerin has the reverse effect, robbing moisture from the hair and displacing into the air, dehydrating the hair, and can lead to damage and breakage.

Jojoba Oil

With its sealing properties, jojoba oil allows the hair shaft to retain moisture (absorbed by the glycerin from the air).  It is also closest to our naturally produced sebum thereby promoting hair growth, and is of itself very moisturizing.  It too has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.

Castor Oil

As a heavy oil, you're wondering how it made the cut for this mix.  Castor oil is rich in vitamin E and a great sealant.  It's also an emollient and humectant.  Additionally it prevents dry and itchy scalp.  And a little goes a loonnggg way.

Common properties among all these ingredients included:
Moisturizing - needed at all times, especially when hair is protective styled
Humectant - to draw moisture into the hair
Anti fungal - necessary as hair isn't being washed regularly to prevent growth of fungi
Anti bacterial - necessary as hair isn't being washed regularly to prevent bacterial growth

Now lets put them all together.

Lightweight Oil Spritz Mix

1/2c distilled water
1/3c aloe vera
2T vegetable glycerin
2T jojoba oil
1T castor oil

Prepare distilled water (How to Distill Water) and set aside
Obtain and clean fresh aloe vera. (Harvest Aloe Vera Gel)
Blend or whisk aloe vera gel in a small container to liquefy
Add water to aloe vera
While mixing (blending/whisking) add jojoba and castor oil until completely combined
You should have a thin liquid.
Store in the refrigerator and shake well before each use.

Give it a whirl, lemme know how you like it in the comments.
~ Josie Jo ~

What do you use with your protective styles?

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