Saturday, 19 March 2016

Why Your Natural Hair Journey Is Bigger Than YOU |

I came across a video this week, and just could not keep it to myself. This is a community, we share.  And not just frivolous, funny stuff, hair care tips, or travel stories.  Real, true, pertinent, information, on topics that need to be heard and discussed.

The video was published by Jenell of  KinkyCurlyCoilyMe. I've been visiting this site for as long as I've been on this journey, and even before.  I even further subscribe to their content on FacebookYouTube and Instagram.  I find the content informative, inspiring and interesting.  Jenell, who created the site, and the content has a way of bringing to you just what you need, right when you do, and sometimes before you know you needed it.

Which is just what this video right here is. You've already read the title, and you're still reading now, so I know that it resonates with you in some way, and has peaked your interest.

I'm not going to get into any details, I'll let the video, and Jenell speak for herself on this one.
I'd like to say however, that as of 17 Mar '15, I've been a part of this Natural Community for 10 months, and in that short time, I have been enlightened in so many ways.  I've found new meaning and understanding through this journey.  And I can honestly say, that this journey is definitely Bigger than ME...and YOU.

~ Josie Jo ~

Your Natural Hair Journey is Bigger Than YOU

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