Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Video | Accessorizing and Styling Grown Out Protective Styles

I've had this Protective Style in for a good, long, while now.  You've journeyed with me in Preparing for this Long Term PSProlonging Wash Day, and then finally on Wash Day, Maintaining and Extending the Life of these Senegalese Twists.

As long as they have been in, I'm just not ready to take them out yet.  They still have life in them.  I mean, they can give me 2 more weeks, easy.
...But the NEW GROWTH!!!
Don't get me wrong. I love new growth! Of the many Reasons for installing Protective Styles, to promote growth and retain length, are both desired.  But that new growth doesn't need to be front and center when I'm stepping out.  It is not the first thing I would like to have seen.

Protective style new growth is like un-laid edges

There are a few ways to deal with that new growth. Have the hair line re-done, or re-do them yourself.  Unfortunately, neither are an option for me, as they may not be for you, for a number of reasons:  time, cost, unavailability of stylist (mine stylist is located in Trinidad), know-how (as many YouTube videos as I watch, I still don't know).

So I'm gonna let you in on how I deal with my new growth.

Today I'll share with you, how I style my protective style, now that I'm 6+ weeks in! with significant new growth.

In the video below I share a couple tricks on how to keep wearing the tried and true, go-to, quick, simple and easy styles, for protective styles - senegalese, havana, marley, box braids included - even when new growth wants to rear its ugly head.


~ Josie Jo ~

How Do You Deal with New Growth in Protective Styles

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