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Wash Day | Maintaining Your Protective Style

Protective Style Wash Day Essentials
I finally got around to washing my Senegalese twist! 
Read on to learn how I was able to maintain my Senegalese Twist by preventing frizz, enabling the style to last longer, on my last wash day.

I was successful at maintaining and caring for my protective style for a full month without washing!! But, all things do come to an end as wash day finally came around.
...which is the good thing? 
that I haven't washed my hair in a full month?
...Or, finally washing it?! 😕

I started by sectioning my twists into four quadrants just I would without having the extensions in my hair.  I usually section my hair, and did it with the twists in my hair, to allow me to get down to the roots of each extension and onto my scalp much easier during this wash day.

Following this I completed an out-the-shower wash process. What does that mean? Read on...

I used a spray bottle filled with water to spray water directly on my scalp and at the base of the twists where my roots have been growing out over the last month. Enough to get the hair just wet, but not saturated.
Following this I placed some of my diluted shampoo mix (sulfate-free shampoo mixed with water) into the same spray bottle and, going through section by section, row by row, I sprayed this shampoo mix directly on my scalp and towards the roots at the base of the twists.
I used my fingertips (or finger pads) to  massage my scalp, row by row of each section, while disturbing the twists as little as possible.

To rinse the shampoo out, I flipped my head upside down and ran water from the nape of my neck towards the front of my head along my scalp while holding the length of the extensions out of the way. I did this to avoid getting water on all of the hair, to reduce causing frizz along the length.

Using a towel I then blotted excess water from my scalp and out of my hair. I did not rub or ruffle the towel in my hair; again to reduce causing frizz.

After towel drying, using the same spray bottle, this time filled with a mix of conditioner and water I applied a rinse out conditioner.  I focused getting the mix on the roots and base of the extensions, ensuring that I got them totally saturated to coat my strands within the extensions.
I let the conditioner sit on my hair for a while, albeit without heat (maybe because I was lazy) but it was not a deep conditioner or mask.
I opted not to deep condition as the consistency of DCs are thicker and creamier, making them more difficult to apply and rinse out of protective styles.
Rinse out conditioner & Spray bottle used  for application to roots and hair in Protective Style
I did a final rinse, again flipped my head upside down, and ran the water from the nape of my neck towards the front.  This time, I allowed water to run along the length of the hair.  This allowed conditioner run-off.
I repeated until the water ran clear.
I tell you, these twists were diiirrrtttyyyyy, EWWWW!
I left my hair in the four sections and allowed it to air-dry before applying additional moisture and sealant.  
I usually follow the LOC method. But due to the consistency of products used in that method, to allow easy application and reduce build-up, I opted to follow I lighter process.
Freshly washed & Air dried
To provide moisture, I used the Jane Carter Hydrate Quench with Rosemary and Sage, which I have been using almost daily since having this protective style.  It provides needed moisture and hydration, and is also very lightweight and does not cause any build-up.
Following this, to seal in the moisture, I used a lightweight hydrating oil mist that I DIYed, containing distilled water, leave in conditioner, jojoba oil, fresh blended aloe and castor oil.

And there is my newly determined Wash Day Routine for Protective Styles

  • Section hair
  • Spray with water
  • Spray diluted shampoo mix on scalp
  • Massage scalp with finger tips
  • Rinse (avoid wetting length of hair)
  • Towel blot
  • Spray conditioner using liquid/runny conditioner on roots and base of hair
  • Wait 15-20 mins to allow conditioner to soak in
  • Rinse, allowing water to run along full length of hair
    • Continue rinsing until water runs clear
  • Towel blot from root to tip
  • Air dry
  • Moisturize with lightweight mix, mist, or spritz
  • Seal with lightweight oil mix

The spray bottle is your friend!

~Josie Jo~
How do you wash your hair while in protective style?
Same routine as without, or a completely different set of steps?

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