Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Wash Day | Product & Style Testing

This last Wash Day resulted in this amazing shine, definition and style.  It was an intensive one, there was so much pressure on it to be successful. 
How so, you ask?

Its Wash Day - there's always pressure on wash day
New Products - Most of the products I used on this wash day were for the first time.  I didn't plan it in any way, but it was because...
I was trying a new style out - I wanted to be sure I did everything possible to ensure this style was not a FAIL
and... 6 MONTHS!!!

The Process

I started with really dirty hair!  I had my hair styled 2 week prior with perm rods (for the first time [didn't document it for the blog, sorry]) and a lot, LOT of product was used.  So my last wash day was 2 WEEKS prior!
  • I used my fingers to unravel and detangle the remaining curls/coils/my fro from the perm rod set, and ran my hands through (over) my head to loosen and shake out loose dirt/product debris.  
  • Then with in inspiration from a recent DIY post by curlBox which I highlighted a few days ago here on the blog in 3 DIYs to Add the Christmas Season to Your Hair Care Routine, I concocted a Pre-Poo Oil Treatment (recipe will be posted soon).
  • I parted and placed the mixture on my scalp and used the remainder to cover my hair. 
  • To boost the effectiveness, I devised a 'hair steamer' and let it sit for 30 mins.
  • Followed up with my diluted shampoo. Just to ensure full removal of dirt and the Pre Treatment.  I hadn't 'shampooed' in about a month as well anyway, so proper cleaning was needed.
    *When shampooing I alternate between the One n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo or the KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo.  Both of which are sulfate free.
It was then time for a Kurlee Belle Banana Nut & Avocado Deep Treatment.
  • I totally slathered my hair in this stuff. It is so amazing, and it works so great.  A Full Review is in order (soon, very soon, I've put it in the books).

  • I covered my hair with a processing a cap and sat under heat for 30 minutes.  I was gonna let this do all it wanted to do.  And then some errands came up and I had to leave in the middle of my wash day, yes. Which I didn't mind one bit, more time for this Deep Treatment to have its way with my hair.
  • When I finally returned to my wash day and rinsed out the conditioner, I let my hair drip dry before moving on.
  • I used the deliciously smelling ORS Curls Unleashed Shea Butter & Mango Leave-In Conditioner and sectioned and combed through my hair. I created pretty small sections and used a bit of the Kurlee Tropical Oil Blend from Kurlee Belle.  I did each section in small corkscrews (*bantu knots) to help keep my hair to stretch while it dried.

It was pretty late by this time, and so I covered my hair and let it dry overnight.  Plus, I hadn't completely decided on my style yet, but I had some options.
The next day I still hadn't chosen a style, but that's how great styles are born. Using the inspiration from a couple videos I created this flat-twist updo.

  • I put my hair into 4 large sections, and working through each section, I took a small bit of hair, spritz with water, used a bit more leave in and my DIY oil mix, before combing through a small amount of my DIY Whipped Shea Butter and lastly ORS Curls Unleased Aloe Vera and Honey Curl Boosting Jelly.

To Create the Style

  • Starting with the front section, I created 2 Strand Twists, and then rolled a few twists on perm rods at a time
  • On the sides I did flat twists on a diagonal toward the back.
  • At the back, I did  flat twists curving up across the back.
  • So all flat twists went upward to the top of my head and ended at the 2 strand twists.
  • I covered this, and left it overnight (and the next day) to set.  

The Results!

  • I removed the perm rods and unraveled the twists after rubbing my fingers with the Kurlee Tropical Oil Blend.  
  • I separated the twists (hesitantly, but all the videos said to do it) and then fluffed (again hesitantly, as I was so afraid it would just completely turn into a frizz ball on the top of my head) just a little bit.

Then I looked up in the mirror, and loved it.  I even had my own little selfie shoot.

In the end my hair was soft, moist, smooth, shiny...and smelled Ah-May-Zing!  Each of these products smelled so good, and combined, surprisingly wasn't overbearing.  They each complemented each other and created a lovely, lingering scent.
(It's been 4 days now, since this wash day, and my hair retains all these characteristics!)

A Perfect Wash Day(s) with a Perfectly Executed Flat-Twist Updo with Twist & Curl Out!

This is also a great Holiday Updo Style, and with potential.
I will refresh the Twist and Curl Out by creating flat twists towards the front, and plan on undoing all the flat twists to create an amazing
(full head) Twist Out.

This style was really wasn't difficult to create. If you would like a 'how-to' please let me know!

~ Josie Jo ~

How was your last wash day??

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