Sunday, 21 February 2016

Different Me | Carnival Hair | 5 Reasons to Protective Style

Protective Styling for the win!
Style: Side Part with Low Side Bun
Accessories: 'Fresh Faced' ;)
While most have chosen to protective style this time of year as a result of the weather - to protect hair from the harsh environmental conditions, including brisk, cold & dry air stealing moisture from strands - I have opted in to protective style for a very, very different reason.  But to reap the very same rewards.

It was a difficult decision, more than I expected it to be.  It wasn't the first time I 'protective styled' for this period, but strangely enough, I never looked at it as a protective style.
It was, and IS a convenience.

And you seen the same reasons I chose as a convenience are the same reasons protective styling is so popular in winter
  • low maintenance
    • prevent breakage
    • retain length
  • save time
  • versatility
  • give hair a break
  • improve hair health
These great benefits of protective styling, also make it a top choice when travelling.
Which I'm doing right now!

I chose this this particular style because it was LOW MAINTENANCE, all I needed was my DIY moisturizing refresher spray on the go.  I truly appreciated not having to be overly concerned about my hair during carnival, when I barely found time to sleep. I don't know about you, but I chose sleep over moisturizing and sealing.  After all, sleep isn't just needed for body health, sleep deprivation is related to weakened hair roots, hair fall, loss of shine and volume.  
So! Sleep is crucial to hair health.

Style: High Bun
Accessories: Big Hoop Earrings
In that same thread.  There is also no time for fussing over styling hair.  Already having a style SAVED TIME in the getting ready dept, and meant I had more time to sleep ...a rarity at carnival.
Style: Half-up Do
Accessories: Statement Necklace & Sunglasses
While it isn't possible with all protective styles, with some, including loose braided extensions (Senegalese, Havana, Marley twists), faux locs, box braids etc,  you have the VERSATILITY to change up the look quickly and easily.  You can go from half-up do to halo braid to low side braid in one day - because, you know, you had 3 events to attend back to back...
Style: Low Side Braid
Accessories: Wide Brim Hat & Sunglasses
There is no other time I would even consider changing my hairstyle multiple times a day.  I barely change my hairstyle through a single week.  The best  part of protective styling is that you can consider and even actually do that. And know that when you do your hair is not taking the brunt of manipulation.  It is actually GIVEN A BREAK.  Securely protected by the extensions.  Even better, if your protective style is stationary, your hair is on total break, as it's completely free from the side effects of styling/manipulation.

Style: Top Knot
Accessories: Statement Earrings & Face Gems
Lastly, all of these add up to IMPROVE HAIR HEALTH while in a protective style.  The limit of direct manipulation to your hair for 1 (and up to 2) months lets your hair focus on itself, as opposed to battling external factors (hands included) and the environment.  Provided you continue to ensure your hair is moisturized, your scalp is cleansed,and you reduce build-up - as you should while wearing a protective style - when removed, your hair will be nourished, supple, strong and healthy.
Protective Styles do NOT have to utilize extensions or be weaves. You can protective style your own hair with Flat Twists & CaneRows (CornRows), Updos, Buns.  These work for ALL lengths of hair - trust me, I was flat twisting with 4inches of hair!

~ Josie Jo ~

Why do you protective Style?
Any reason's you didn't see included here - Do Share!

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