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Twisted Curls with As I Am | Review | BONUS Styling Instructions

Twisted Curls with As I Am Products
Continuing my single brand experience into styling.
Twisted Curls with As I Am | A Review
On my last wash day, using all As I Am products left my hair soft, smooth, detangled and shiny.  My strands were hydrated and strong, and ready for styling.
I conducted the wash day process knowing I wanted to create a defined style.  Luckily, I had some sample sized products from As I Am put together in a collection that would best suit such a style.  I had purchased the 'Twist & Define' combo sample when the sample size packages were offered in Nov 2015.
For more on this read this post here.

During my washing process I used the Cleansing Pudding, Hydration Elation, and Leave-in Conditioner which left my hair prepped for styling. (catch the Re-Cap)  I decided on doing a Twist and Curl.  This was my very first attempt at creating this style.  I have done 2 Strand Twists myself, and have had full head curls done previously using perm rods.  But never the both together.  And never done myself.  So this was an exciting and scary task to undertake, to say the least.

To begin, my hair was in 5 large sections maintained throughout the wash day process, 2 in the back, 3 in the front.

I started in the front middle section.  I took small-medium sections of hair, no parting and averaged using my fingers.  I combed through each small portion first with a wide tooth, then a small tooth comb for further detangling to ensure the hair would be smooth as possible for styling.  Then I applied my products in the following order, using the LOC method and styling products.  I used 3-4 drops of the more liquid formulas and a finger tip dab of the thicker formulas, and added more product as necessary, particularly at the ends.

L - So Much Moisture Hydrating Lotion
"A glycerin-rich formula, enhanced with natural botanical extracts, providing deep hydration and incredible softness" (see ingredients here). Although this sample pack was included in the Wash n Go 2 combo I opted to add it to provide more moisture to my strands, which can be on the dry side.  I also wanted the style to last a few days and retain hydration as long as possible.
This is a super aqueous  opaque formula.  I applied as instructed for 'coil defined styles' and didn't have to use very much of this product, as a little goes a long way, and my hair was pretty saturated already.  (So I have quite a bit of it to use at another time within its combo).

O - Avocado Oil
Not an item received in my sample sized purchase.  However, because I follow the LOC method I included my usual oil at this stage.  I chose Avocado Oil as a light weight penetrating oil, that would assist with moisture retention within the strands.

C and Styling - Twist Defining Cream
"Made especially for highly textured hair with nurturing natural oils, plus an organic extract that provides the ultimate in moisturization" this rich, THICK formula is designed "for shiny smooth twists and twist-outs". (see ingredients)  Suggestions for use include applying following use of Leave-in Conditioner to wet hair to avoid flaking, and air drying is recommended.  Definitely a heavy formula and I didn't want to use too much - to avoid experiencing that flaking mentioned.

Styling - Smoothing Gel
This product "provides hold and shine for smooth styling" and "unlike the average gel, it doesn't contain harsh ingredients... Instead, it's made with organics which do the job, but in a gentle, healthy way" (see ingredients) I'm always very light-handed with gels and this time was no different.

After applying each product I ensured even distribution from root to tip using a small tooth comb. See below for steps in creating the style. It took me approx 4.5hrs (!?! YES!!!) which thankfully spanned my watching of Kobe's final game - did you catch that game? Amazeballzzz!!! I tied my scarf when complete and left my hair overnight, and the following day to dry before removing the perm rods.

I did have to leave the house the following day, but I accessorized with a head wrap in a turban style.
Use Headwraps to Accessorize when set styles are not dry and ready to take down

When I did remove the rods, I did so very carefully, un-rolling in the opposite direction to the roll.  I did not separate that day, but did so the following day (Hey, I had nowhere to go).

Twisted Curls with As I Am Products | A Review
 To separate I used Jojoba Oil on my fingers, and separated into the 2 from the twists, and further into 2-3 each.  I used my wide tooth comb to fluff the roots and blend over the separations.
Twisted Curls with As I Am | Review | BONUS Styling Instructions
Not much fluffing was needed as distinct parts were not created during styling.
Twisted Curls with As I Am | Review | BONUS Styling Instructions

I am totally in love with the results I achieved. I felt so proud that this was a first attempt.  The definition was on 100! And the hair was SMOOOTHHH with good Shine. 
Twisted Curls with As I Am | Review | BONUS Styling Instructions
Take Aways/Future Considerations
My hair can take some more product in styling. I did experience some pieces that were not as smooth, as my consistency in application may have fluctuated.  This may also have been avoided with the use of a bit more gel.  I might also consider slightly smaller sections the next time around.
Additionally, with my current length, the results seem very similar to a corkscrew (bantu knots) to me - don't you think?  Doing corkscrews would have taken waaay less hours to install.  I'll be doing a comparison to determine, as I would much prefer less styling time if the results are basically the same.  The 'Twist & Curl' may be something I return to after gaining a bit more length, when results would be different.
I would like to use the So Much Moisture again, in its other role for 'undefined textured styling' to really assess its ability to infuse moisture.  It has however been 5 days since styling (at the time of penning this post) and I have not had the need to add moisturizing products to my hair.
As you can see the Twist Defining Cream definitely delivered.  I am looking forward to adding this product to my stash and having it there for a long time to come - twist outs and braids outs to try as I retain length honey!
And the Smoothing Gel also did its job, the twists and curls were smooth, however, a heavier hand may have had more consistent results throughout.
Twisted Curls with As I Am | Review

That being said, I think I like the inconsistency of the finished style as it gives a more naturally occurring and organic look at feel.

What do you think?
Or do you prefer the super slick and precise finish?
To Create the Style
  1. Select a small-medium (or desired size - small size = more definition) piece of hair using fingers (no parting allows for easier blending)
  2. Split each piece in 2 and twist with even tension to the end
  3. Twirl the ends around finger to seal
  4. If the end feels like more product is needed, add just a touch more
  5. Also, spray water as needed before applying products to each piece throughout styling
  6. Place each twist on a perm rod, by wrapping the ends around the rod, then rolling while holding the twist taught towards the scalp
  7. Secure the rod by closing the attached topper

~ Josie Jo ~

Are you a Twist and Curl expert?  
Share your advise and technique!

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