Sunday, 16 August 2015

Taking a Short Trip

I'm currently on a short vacation trip to New York.  Seeing family, friends and soaking up that NY City Summer life.  I've haven't been to NY in the summer in years!  I wasn't looking forward to the sweltering, stagnant city heat I remembered.  After having returned to island life, I've come to truly appreciate the soft refreshing tropical breeze.  I was however really looking forward to some things though, like Brunching (of course!)

As I prepared for this trip I reflected heavily on my recent post Vacation... Staycation Tips.  Again I found these really helpful through my packing process, and they continue to be true as the sunny summer days of my trip go by.

If you haven't checked out the tips, you can browse TNT Tips.  Especially if you're preparing for that one last trip before summer is over.

~ Josie Jo ~

 What are you doing to round out the Summer?  
Any travel plans?

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