Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Totally Powered! - DYY 14 Day Challenge: Challenge Complete!


The Do You Yoga 14 Day Power Yoga Challenge is over.  It feels so good to complete these challenges. Whether it's 14 days or 30 days or even 9 weeks!!  It's so invigorating and satisfying. And to have done something that is rewarding for yourself, not just physically, which of course this Power Yoga challenge was, but also spiritually and mentally.

Yoga, like other physical activity has such an all rounded impact on us; or bodies, as a whole.  I strongly suggest that you continue, or start an activity that positively impacts your physical, spiritual and mental state and being.  Challenge yourself to 10 mins a day (with a guided program such as this was), or 30 mins 3 days a week (which is the standard recommendation)... As little, or as much as you can.   Build on it, grow with it, and most of all, enjoy it.

I totally enjoyed this challenge.  Although I have practiced Power Yoga before, the challenge was indeed challenging for me.  It brought me back to the foundations.  I became aware again of alignment and feeling the poses.  So often sometimes, due to repetitive practice, I rely on 'muscle memory' and fall out of tune with my body. Or I get caught up trying to achieve a pose, and in the process end up fighting against myself and my body in that very process.  Worst of all, sometimes I do the flow, numbly moving through the sequence, without truly being present.  But this 10 mins a day 14 day challenge made me present on my mat.

This was the very first time I recorded my practice.  For a few reasons:
  1. I practice at home and I don't have a mirror.  So I am unable to assess and correct my practice in the moment.
  2. I realised in my new awareness that I needed to have a visual reference of my practice.
  3. I thought it would be fun not only to share this challenge, but my challenge.

So without further ado, here are a few clips from the second week of my challenge in the 14 Day Power Yoga Challenge

At this time I do not maintain a VLog so these abbreviated and condensed videos are all I have to share.

Now that this challenge is complete I'm looking for the next one.  Something to continue challenging my physical capacities.  It doesn't have to be yoga, I've neglected my other training for quite a few months, so resistance and weight training are well overdue.

Do you have any suggestions?

I'm always up for new exciting endeavors...and of course if it comes highly recommended, then how could I not?
My sister tagged me on an IG Yoga Challenge that I'm considering... I did one with her in May.  You basically just post a pic of the challenge pose for day, each day for the month. If you're interested... October Yoga Challenge #OctoberYogaSpice (you can follow along on your own, or join in, and even post on IG!)
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*Note: I am not a yoga teacher and so I follow online classes.  I invite you to try the 14 Day Power Yoga Challenge presented by Do You Yoga and follow along with the classes provided if you're interested (which, by the way, you can start/do at any time because the videos remain open [as far as I'm aware]). You can connect with them through their Website, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.

*Do You Yoga did not provide any stimulus for this Blog Post.  As a matter of fact they are more than likely not aware that I am here singing of their excellent services.  I am just a person who enjoys their online presence, and most of all free classes.

~ Josie Jo ~

Do you keep an account of your activity/practice/training?

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