Sunday, 29 November 2015

Back to Basics Series by Craving Yellow

I recently discovered this chick called Tabitha who runs the site Craving Yellow.  While we've never met, and I haven't even followed this site for 3 months, I feel her on so many levels!  Her journey is amazing and, if I had to confess I'd say she's my hair idol.  I could be unrealistic and #hairgoals on some curly chick's pics on IG, but that's not fair to myself.  This Tabitha however, really gives me serious inspiration and motivation... and she doesn't even know.  Her hair is legitimately my #hairgoal, length...everything!

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She just hosted a Back to Basics Series on her site, with linked videos, which was so amazing I have to share it here with you.  But first, I had to soak it ALL in myself (to ensure it was all worth sharing, of course) before I unveiled it to the masses.  Or, in reality, I had to force myself to, because something THIS good you can't keep to yourself.
*These are my confession...
Haha, ok enough.

Just know that you should check out the entire series (and her site).
To find out what she has in store, check out the video.  Then get your note pad and get cozy.

 ...and don't forget your actual life while you binge on her series.

Thank me later.
~ Josie Jo ~

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