Monday, 30 November 2015

Hair Challenge Alert! | 90-Day Winter Hair Challenge with Lavishly Natural's

Clearly I’m a sucker for a Challenge!

I literally just stumbled upon this challenge on Pinterest last night and immediately signed up…after carefully reviewing the details of course, and previous challenge history.

The timing of this 90-Day Challenge is perfect, as during these coming months of cooler temps and adverse artificial heat, for myself, (and a third of the world’s population), extra care and attention have to be placed on caring for and nurturing our hair.  It’s an area I know nothing about as I’m still in my first year.  Much alike a baby, I’m just soaking it all in and learning.

This should be an amazing experience! A FULL 90 DAYS to learn and grow with my hair. I’ll tell you this TWA has taught me so much already, but there is much more to go, I know. The difference in care requirements with the slightest change in things I control, like my diet, or external variables, like the weather are so profound.

I’m gonna be using all the info from the Back To Basics Series I gushed about yesterday (<<see post here) along with the guidance, tips, info an recipes (yes, you read that right, all that comes with this challenge) sent via email.

So click…click…click over to Lavishly Natural’s to get all the details …AND sign up for the challenge! Today is the last day to do so for FREE!!

Challenge begins tomorrow

I'm currently binging on this site! I see it fast becoming one of my go-to's for my Natural Journey in Hair Care and Lifestyle.  So many DIYs!!! 

~ Josie Jo ~
What Steps Are You Taking for Winter Hair Care?

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