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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 | How To Start a NEW YEAR The Right Way

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to One and ALL

This year is off to a great start! It also got out of the blocks with a quickness! Did you realize that?  Can you imagine it's already 3 days into the year?? I don't know about you, but I feel like I was literally just ringing in the new year, corny hat and party favours and all. Hahaha.

How did you ring in the New Year??

Whether it seems like its moving with the tortoise or the hare, each year brings with it a fresh new point from which each of us can jump off.  A new page. A new chapter. A new book.  Wherever we are along our journeys, each new year allows us to breathe fresh new life into our Goals, our Projects, our Lives.

Speaking of which.

What Goals and/or Projects will you be embarking on this 2016?  

You have 366 days to accomplish your dreams.  Yup, a whole 366, a whole extra day to do with what you like and make this your best year yet!

There is so much I want to accomplish in this life, so many thoughts cross my mind and also, there are a great many things to achieve.  I'm not one for 'making resolutions' though.  I once resolved to be the best person I could be, because I didn't want to think about actual resolutions.  I thought I was being smart and beating the 'system'.  But, a funny thing happened, I really wanted to be the best me; to do better, to be better, to create, to have an impact.  And I started thinking of real ways to accomplish this. So came about my LIFE GOALS.

I don't wait to the end/beginning of new year to set myself up with lofty, high reaching goals, that sound good.  That doesn't work for me. My Goals evolve as I do, they embrace the changes in my life and accept the challenges I'm faced with, and realign themselves accordingly.
This is the way that works for me.

So whether you Make Resolutions or Set Goals, remember that life is organic and they should be too.  They should leave room for hurdles, take the winding road (sometimes) and pause long enough to observe and appreciate the moments that you find yourself in.   You can set them as broad as you like.  As long as you have been SPECIFIC: clearly and carefully defined them, broken them down into doable and MEASURABLE parts, that can easily be ATTAINED, all while being REALISTIC (about how you're going about achieving them and why), and you give yourself sufficient and appropriate TIME, you will succeed in your endeavours and you will find yourself accomplishing your goals and sticking to your resolutions, and probably even reaching higher with what you want to achieve.
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Here are my broad Goals:
(hahaha) by Maintaining a Natural & Healthy Lifestyle through

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Spirituality & Meditation
  • Travel and Cultural Experiences
  • LIFE (...biggest cop out ever?)
Each of these have 5-10 mini goals that fall under them. As these are checked off, more find their way onto the list.  I don't know if any of these will be completely checked off one day, but I hope not.  Having these be ever present broad goals means to me that I am continuously improving and I acknowledge that I'm not perfect, and so will always be striving towards better.

I shared a bit of the Exercise realm with you recently in Work It Out | 2016 Goals, it's also a pillar here on This NATURAL Thing.  Other posts shared here that are directly link to my goals are identified below.  Feel free to check them out, as they give insight to how I measure and work towards attain my overall goals.

~ Josie Jo ~

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(yes, clichè, I know).
I also hope you accomplish all you set out to, and achieve all that you dream you can.  
And of course, I wish you a more Naturally Healthy Year and Journey.

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