Saturday, 6 February 2016

Eat & Move Series: January Review

The Eat & Moves Series is well underway with the full month of January now over.  
How is a month of the year gone already?!?!

I joined Nike+ Training Club at the beginning of the year, and started one of the 4 week programs: GET TONED at the Intermediate level.  I chose Nike+ ...actually it fell into my lap, or should I say onto my screen, and it couldn't have been more perfect timing as I was looking to increase the intensity of my workouts to get back to the level of training I had achieved once upon a time.  Additionally, in reviewing my 'Life  Goals' I pulled out a couple areas to focus on through 2016, two of which were Diet & Exercise, and so this series was born, to support, track and create accountability towards achieving my goals.


If you were following on Facebook, you saw that the struggle was REAL!  Although I had been working out on a regular basis, my level of fitness had dropped way below what I had thought.  I had really low endurance and stamina.  With the assistance of the Get Toned Nike+ Training Club program however, I have increased both these levels through HIIT & Advanced Level Yoga routines.

These results were no easy feat! I was exhausted, out of breath, and exasperated during the workouts, but pushed through because that's the only way to improve and generate development and growth in the body.
The program did come with assigned days for workouts - Sat, Sun, Mon & Wed. however I was unable to workout on some days - Sundays.  I did however make up the workout by pushing the routine to the following day, and working out on a rest day to make up until I was back on schedule.  Therefore I did not miss any complete workouts through the program. YAY!

It's with great pleasure that I can say I achieved my January Goal and am very proud.

Now it's time to move forward to focus on February's Goal.

This is a building process, so January's efforts will not be lost as I will continue to maintain the level achieved in January during February, although the main focus of February will be on Diet.

~ Josie Jo ~

How was your 1st month of the year? 
Do tell of your accomplishments towards achieving your 2016 goals.

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