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Eat & Move Series | March 2016 Goal

The 3rd Month of the Eat & Move Series will focus on Scheduling!

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to workout first thing in the morning.  It is not the only time that your body is responsive to exercise. You can and will see results working out any other time of the day (with other supporting variables conducive).  
You won't see results however, if you're not consistent. Therefore, acknowledging your daily patterns is essential to determine your schedule.  This ensures that when you begin a program, you will be consistent.  
Determining a schedule helps in achieving results by forging a routine. The body responds to routine. 
This is why it's so easy to continue something, but so very difficult to start. 
funny_not_a_morning_person_placemat-rc69263b6d336404c9e463fcd777d8cba_2cfku_8byvr_512.jpg (512×512)
There is no amount of motivation that'll get me up at 6 o'clock in the morning just to workout.  
And, that's ok. 


Before establishing a workout schedule, assessment of daily patterns is important to ensure you're not doing your body more harm than good.  
  • The time you wake up
  • How stressful your days tend to be
  • When you use most of your energy
  • What and When your meals are throughout the day

These variables affect your effectiveness and efficiency in completing mental and physical tasks through the day, workouts included. 

Yoga is associated with the sunrise, this doesn't make it mandatory to get on your mat at dawn. Neither is the only time to do strength training at 6 pm after work, nor, is running only possible during lunchtime hours or Sunday mornings.  These common associations may work for some, but not for all. 
  • Your Day
  • Your Lifestyle
  • Your Body

Will determine when and what type of exercises are effective for you.


Its been 2 months since embarking on this healthy lifestyle journey with focus on diet & exercise.  Over that time, I started an NTC Program (you can find out all about it in Work It Out | 2016 GOALS). The GET TONED Intermediate Program I selected was 4days/week, with 3 rest days.  There was no set time stipulated to complete the workouts, and so depending on my day, this allowed me to vary the different workouts at differing times throughout the program, to assess what times worked best on different days.  
I'm sure, like myself, no 2 days of the week are the same for you.  There may be repeated activities, and similar timings, but they are not exact.  
So, to decide to workout at 4:30 pm on each of the designated days may work, but may not be as effective as varying the time slot.  I found that I do prefer workout on afternoons or evenings, and at this time, my mental state and body are more ready for the activity.  I am also able to ensure I have provided my body with the right amount of nutrition by the time my workouts come around.   These are things, only you can assess for yourself around your regular and most common schedule.

MARCH Mini Goal

Moving into this month of March.  I have created a schedule to test my assessment.  I'll be moving into another NTC Program, this time 3 assigned workout days per week.  As before, I'll be continuing my yoga practice on some off days (not all, as Rest Days are essential to allow the body to recover).

March Schedule

Nike Training Club GET STRONG Beginner Program
The Workout week starts with Day 1 on a Wednesday.  This decision was made to coincide with the Calendar Month as March began on a Tuesday.  Tuesday however, is best suited as a Rest Day or for Yoga, so the next day was selected to begin the program.

So here I go!  
I accept the challenge for another month and continue working towards my goals.

Look out for the February Review on Snacking. Coming Soon!

~ Josie Jo ~
What are your goals for March? How are you gonna accomplish them?

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