Saturday, 2 April 2016

Eat & Move Series | Quarterly Report & March Review

Quarterly Report
Seriously, how is a QUARTER of the year already over??

The year is going by very quickly, but I am happy to report that I am on track for my mini goals.
There have been goal revisions and adjustments, but that comes along the journey.

Quarterly Review

The first quarter had 2 Training Mini Goals and 1 Diet Mini Goal.  

I have been successful in increasing my training level.  
Using the NIKE+ Training Club App I have completed two 4 week programs that allowed increase in stamina and strength.
The app measures time, which in both programs was challenging at the begining, however, after the 4 weeks, routines were completed in or very close to the assigned times for the routines.

The Diet Mini goal took a bit more than expected to achieve, and had to be spread over 2 months.  It was also a part of the March Mini Goal after revision.  And if you caught the April Goal Review, you would have seen that the original mini goal, a Diet goal, was adjusted.
I thought I ate a lot more than I do.
In order to achieve my overall goal, a lot more work has to be done in this area.  This is why the adjustment was made to the mini goal for April.  A foundation has to be established that support a healthy diet, and would facilitate my training level.

March Review

The initial March mini goal really forced me to be more organized and develop daily routines.
The February mini goal was incorporated with the March Mini Goal as it was not satisfactorily accomplished.
I was able to keep up with the daily schedule plan proposed, and did not miss a day - very proud - although the NTC App switched the routine days on me, I maintained the days outlined, with 2 rest days per week.

I was also able to note the effects of different snacks on my training performance.  And found those higher in carbs had better results before training.   I intentionally reserved high protein snacks for post training in keeping with suggested literature.

Timing - some days did not allow for the workouts to be completed in the scheduled time.
Therefore, there were many adjustments made to the timing in the schedule, to work around my other activities.

My training is an at-home practice, which makes it much more flexible.  If I were to be locked into a gym schedule, I can say that I would not have completed my routines as scheduled daily.
This is one thing to consider in your own practice.  Having flexibility in timing could help in making the goal more achieve able.

All in all, the revised March Mini Goals were achieved!  Snacking has become an established part of my diet, and I established regular (5x/week) training throughout the week.

~ Josie Jo ~

What's your 1st Quarter 2016 Report?

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