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How To | Select the Right Products for YOUR Hair - 3 Rules

Select the Right Products for YOUR Hair with these 3 Rules
When selecting new hair I items I always appreciate assistance from known, respected sources.  For instance, I took a look at the winners this year on Best of the Best and Editors' Choice lists.
The Best of the Best winners, which are those selected by you the public in their annual survey was dominated by Shea Moisture products from their various lines.  And from my understanding and limited use, with good reason, known for their *certified organic ingredients.  The Editors' Choice list, selected by, as it indicates their editor's, after rigorous testing also had many great brands, including up and coming 'natural' ingredient based brands, such as Alikay Naturals, Camille Rose, and Soultanics.  Another thing that stood out, was that these are 'black-owned' brands.  Who better to know the target market, right?

One thing that I found be useful in the Editors' Choice List is that they identify the product by Hair Type, though there's no indication of effectiveness considering the full hair profile. However, this does eliminate a layer in the assessment process.  So, while I fall into the Type 4 category, I would still consider products winning in a 1-up or 1-down type group for good measure - just not 2 or 3 removed - you may want to consider this as well.

I have a 4 step process that help me in choosing the very best products for my hair.  The second step includes 3 Rules.

3 Rules of the Selection Process

I'll use my current situation as an example of how I apply these rules.

1. Only consider Products You NEED

To begin,  streamline your assessment by identifying and focusing on only the items needed, not wanted or nice to have - to prevent distraction and triggering your inner product junkie.
This time around I'm in need of:
Deep Conditioner
Styler - cream product (something with good weight)
Moisturizer - creamy product (something with good weight)   
Multi use products could also be considered eg leave-in/moisturizer or leave-in/styler

2. Stick to Major CHARACTERISTICS required by Products to fulfill hair Needs

In addition to the objective of the product (shampoo - cleanser), what major characteristics would be beneficial to your hair/does your hair require to achieve or maintain health.
For myself:

3. Specify desired RESULTS from Use of Products (PURPOSE of Use)

Once the product succeeds in its role, how is that translated in your hair's behaviour ie the outcome observed from product use.
I find that successful products allow me to:
achieve styles easier eg easy to detangle, definition
maintain styles for longer periods eg hold, smoothening, less frizz
prevent breakage and damage eg via moisture balance, condition, strengthen
Of course there are other rules for selection, but I find these 3 to be directly related to achieving success with my hair care.  These rules are just one of the rounds products are filtered through, it comes after Finding the Best Products for Your Hair, which can be pulled from lists that summarize highly rated quality products, and before assessment of the actual products themselves, and finally passing the test of these 4 Considerations That Save Time & Money in Purchasing New Products.
Staying on track with the products you NEED, keeping it specific to YOUR HAIR's NEEDS and having consistency across all products will give you the best RESULTS.

Hopefully, adhering to these 3 rules work to help you identify the products that will help your progression along your healthy hair journey towards achieving and maintaining healthy hair.

~ Josie Jo ~
What are your Rules in selecting new hair products?

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