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Eat & move Series | June Review

Eat & Move Series | June 2016 Review | Importance and Creating a Well Balanced Breakfast
I never skip Breakfast...but unfortunately I can't prove it.

JUNE Mini Goal - Nutrition

Eat and Move Series June Goal - Importance and Creating a Well Balanced Breakfast
June was an unexpectedly busy month.  I don't say that as the prelude to an excuse, I'm just stating that it was, as a fact.

That being said I have no documented results to share for this month. NONE.  I couldn't believe it when I checked, but it's true, look....
Eat & Move Series | June Mini Goal Review
...told you, nothing.

The very last week, ie this week (27 Jun - 2 Jul) ending today is the only one with entries because this is when I realized I had not been entering anything (as I prepared the July Goal).  I would say however, that I'm recommitted and all set for July - silver lining.

I can report on my activity towards this goal for the month, and address some key elements of achieving the goal.  Unfortunately however, there is no 

I didn't track anything!  See above.

Using my own personal judgement and mental assessment I can report the following.
I started the month preparing breakfast as I always did, I would have on most occasions one of the following:
Plain Oats - whole grain or steel cut
Sandwich/Toast with peanut butter, cheese, on homemade bread
Green Smoothie
By the end of the month (27-30th Jun included) I was having the following, for eg:
Plain Oats with frozen berries or fresh fruit on the side, glass of Almond Milk
Sandwich/Toast (as above) with turkey bacon/chicken sausage, or egg (fried/boiled), glass of juice
Green Smoothie
...throw in avocado here and there depending
While my initial breakfast selections were healthy options, its clear that each on their own weren't complete meals.  Among them all they're missing essential fats, carbs and proteins!  Therefore on no given morning was a providing my body with the nutrients and energy required.

As the month progressed I added to each meal to account for the missing elements so that my breakfast was more well rounded and closer to a complete meal.

Overall Assessment - INCOMPLETE
(that's an actual grade, remember college?)

I am making improvements and working towards the goals, however I am far from total success.  This doesn't deter me.  It increases the challenge and I'm up for it!

Future Considerations
Be consistent with use of the meal tracking app - it is my friend in this journey.  Breakfast is important for all the reasons mentioned in the June Goal and many more, and is an opportunity to provide vital nutrition for the body.  Therefore going forward, it is included as a reportable component of the ongoing Nutrition goal. 

Ongoing Goals

*shrugs shoulders and hangs head*

Eat & Move Series | June Mini Goal with Extended Goals Review - Sleep
Based on my Report Card I am still below my target goal as my average sleep was 7.74hrs (7hrs 44mins).  This is an improvement of 0.64 hours or 38 mins sleep on average.
I suffered a total debt of  6 hours 54 mins sleep over the month, based on a requirement of 8 hours per night.  I'm presently confused about the 26+ hours of debt in May so I'm not going to make a calculated comparison.
Eat & Move Series | June Goal Review - Sleep Results
 Average Sleep Recorded was at 7.21hrs (7hrs 12mins) just entering the recommended the range, and inching closer to the daily target by 0.34 hours or 20 mins.

I'm still a night owl - no surprise, but! I did reduce the number of late bedtimes and increased early times, waking at 8am 6 times - big surprise!

This goal is on track with progress and I hope to keep it up through summer.  Yeah, the season with longer days and the shortest nights, wish me luck!

How was your June goal?

~ Josie Jo ~

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