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Eat & Move Series | July 2016 Review

Eat. Eat. Eat.

This so should have been my mantra this month ...hindsight... always 20/20.

The goal for July focused on BMI,  specifically increasing my BMI and hopefully, fingers crossed, entering the "normal" range.  Here at This NATURAL Thing however, I set realistic goals.  I know there is no way I would jump 1.5 points in 1 month. Therefore, this particular goal is set for 6 months ending in December with the series. For each month leading up to that point I would be happy with any improvement towards the target achieved.

So, here goes...

BMI uses a simple formula with height and weight measurements to indicate healthy weight.  It reveals much about the status of your body and your risk for serious conditions such as heart disease and stroke, respiratory problems, as well as muscle and joint problems.
Using an online calculator that also provides a Waist-to- Height ratio (reported) and other measures (not reported) a complete health profile is created.  I have included BMI abs the yet of this specific calculator in this series, which focuses on more than just exercise and diet as a means of achieving a healthy lifestyle for this reason.  Through this series I continuously drive to have a 360 approach.

Body and BMI Calculator
My Information Edit
Female Age: 33 Height: 5' 5" Weight: 105 lbs Waist: 25
Goal: Gain 2 pounds per week Activity Level: Very Active



BMI, or body mass index, tells you how heavy you are for your height. It reflects body "fatness."
BMI is one way doctors look at how healthy you are. It's a clue to your risk for weight-related health problems.
The healthy range for BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9. But if you have a very muscular build, you could have an overweight BMI and still be healthy.

My Belly Fat: Waist-to-Height Ratio


Belly fat affects your health more than fat in your arms or your hips. It's linked to a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes, and it puts you at risk for other diseases, too.
A waist-to-height ratio between 0.42 and 0.48 is healthy.

WEIGHT (rounded)     102            105              3.0
      BMI                        17.0           17.5              0.5
      W/H                      0.38           0.43            0.05

In all measures there were positive increases, showing movement towards the normal/ healthy range.  The target is 2lbs/week but I'm happy with the 3lb increase over the period of the month.


Ongoing Goals

April Mini Goal of Eat & Move Series 2016 by This Natural Thing
This goal was extended through the end of the series as it is the backbone of a healthy lifestyle.  After the new information was brought to light with the BMI calculator, it was also updated to be more accurate.
*Nutrition updates will return in the August Review.

May Mini Goal of Eat & Move Series 2016 by This Natural Thing
Continuously working towards sustaining the minimum sleep required for training recovery, performance and health based on my activity, this goal is extended through the end of the series as well.

Sleep Report Card for 7-10-16 to 8-9-16

Number of Days in Range:30
Number of Days Recorded:24
Number of Records:26
Total Sleep Time:185 hr 34 min
Cumulative Debt:06 hr 27 min
Average Daily Sleep:7.73 hours
Average Sleep/Record:7.13 hours
Most Frequent Bedtime:02:00 8 times
Most Frequent Waketime:10:00 10 times
Average Rating:0.0
This goal continues to prove more difficult then I ever anticipated. The are 26 of 31 records showing I'm still below my target goal with an average sleep was 7.73hrs (7hrs 43.8mins).  This is a slightly lower average than June, but an improvement on the initial measurement on the first month recorded in May, of 0.63 hours or 37.8 mins sleep on average.
I suffered a total debt of  6 hours 27 mins sleep over the month, based on a requirement of 8 hours per night.  This was an improvement on the June debt by 24mins. Yay, almost a half hour more sleep.

Average Sleep Recorded was at 7.13hrs (7hrs 8mins) remaining in the recommended the range,  but no closer to the daily target than the previous month.

If it counts for anything, the most frequent sleep and wake times correspond with 8hours sleep.

Sleep remains on track with progress as active as this summer has been. With all my travel in these 2 months I hope to keep it up... Who am I kidding, in New York...the city that never sleeps. We'll see...

~ Josie Jo ~


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