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Lets Get Muddy! | Bentonite Clay - All You Need To Know!

All You Need to Know About Bentonite Clay | This NATURAL Thing
Yes, I'm still talking about Bentoinite Clay, because I will win this and successfully incorporate it into my hair care routine.
It's one of those things with so many "healing powers" that you just don't want to believe it doesn't work for you, and only you.  At least I'm not ready to accept that. And like I said have 2lbs of this thing so there's got to be a way for me...there's just got to be.

But first, let's cover some basics about Bentonite

What is Bentonite

A mineral rich substance formed from weathered and aged volcanic ash in the presence of water.  It contains over 70 trace minerals and has a strong magnetic charge activated by water which enables it to pull toxins and metals to it.  It also provides the body with minerals.
It is primarily formed of a flat crystal flake, Montmorillonite, which carries the strong negative ionic charge compensated by the attraction of a cation element such as sodium, calcium, potassium and aluminium.  The concentration of these determine the variety of bentonite eg the most common Sodium or Calcium Bentonite.
It is extracted in a solid form from the earth by quarrying, then crushed and dried before being sieved or milled to achieve a granular or powdered form, respectively.

Quality and Source

As with all naturally occurring things quality and sourcing are always of great concern.  Bentonite is sourced all over the globe, but the largest concentrations are in the great plains of the US, and in the mountains of Italy.  Due to it's composition and properties, mainly its 'magnetic charge' it is very important that it's source and areas nearby are pure and do not contain toxins, as it will attract these into it.
Also, it is important that metals are not using in mining, or anywhere in the processing and packaging,  as it will draw impurities out of these metals into it before getting to you rendering it useless as it will no longer be active.

Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay seems to be one of those cure alls of life.  There are a number of health, hair and skin benefits. It can be used both internally and externally
  • for digestive issues such as acid reflux, constipation and bloating
  • in recovery from vomiting and diarrhea
  • to calm irritation caused by bites, blemishes and burns, and is particularly beneficial for eczema, psoriasis, and chicken pox
  • as a detox

Uses of Bentonite Clay

Firstly, never use any metals in the preparation and use of bentonite clay as this will reduce effectiveness.  Use glass and plastic containers and utensils.
For internal use always refer to medical professionals for advice and instruction on use with medications and supplements as it may interact with these, and do not take within an hour of ingesting food.
As indicated by the benefits, it can be used

  • in oral health in a homemade toothpaste and oral rinses
  • for internal cleansing to improve digestion and general health, removing toxins and metals from the body allowing improved function of organs and systems
  • as a poultice to coat the skin on areas of bites, stings, cuts and burns drawing out bacteria and viruses
  • in face masks for smoother and healthier skin
  • to create a detox bath that also softens skin
  • in hair care as a mask, rinse or cleanser

At present I have no interest in using Bentonite Clay internally, this may change later on, but for now I'm focusing on mastering external use, specifically in my hair care.  You may have caught the first time I used Bentonite Clay and also my initial Reactions and Thoughts on it.  As such, I felt a bit more research was needed and decided to share with you above the information I learnt in the process.

I've come across a few recipes and processes that do sit better with me and should yield better results than my initial experience.  If you'd like to share your own personal recipe or process on wash day, please do in the comments.

Recipes and Processes

Clay Hair Cleanser by Black Hair Information
Clay Cleanse via CurlyNikki
Hair Treatment by Natural Hair Rules
Clay Mask via Naturally Curly
Hair Detox by Wellness Mama
Mixing & Activation by Best Bentonite (this is where I purchased my bentonite clay)

What's your Recipe/Process for using Bentonite Clay in Hair Care?

~ Josie Jo ~


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