Thursday, 4 August 2016

Travel | In Transit

As you read this I'm probably flying over the Atlantic watching the crisp white roofs become tiny dots and the turquoise waters melt into darker seas.

Yup, I'm off to high rises and brunch! What? Brunch? Where did that come from?  I honestly can't wait to enjoy brunch again, its really hasn't evolved into a social culture here in Bermuda yet, and I miss, oh how I miss it so!

It's not the only things I'm looking forward too.  I'm visiting my sister, seeing family and friends and will be indulging in all non-island experiences, whatever they may be.

I plan to visit a couple cities on the east coast of the US, including NYC and DC, before heading off to the tropical haven that is my home Trinidad.

Each time I travel I do so with fresh eyes, really living in the moment and enjoying the experience.  I hope to bring back for you all tips, tricks and perspectives on travel, travelling as a 'new' natural, and maintaining a natural and healthy lifestyle.  And of course many many pictures.

Let me know places to visit, sites to see and things to do!  I'm always up for an adventure.  And if you're the city, give me a shout.

Keep up with me on my travels via my other social media, mainly InstagramFacebook, and for just about any and everything...


Wheels up!

~ Josie Jo ~


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