Wednesday, 28 September 2016

20 Best Hair Oils via The Right Hair Styles on Pinterest

This NATURAL Thing on Pinterest
I spend quite a bit of time on Pinterest, and I know I'm not the only one of us that does.

And, is it just me, or most of time you don't even realize its know, that little notification pops up in the bar, you ignore it for shorter than you thought you would and then you tap on it, and tell yourself, "I'll be quick, just let me check out this recommendation".

The next thing you know, you just logged 50 pins and the pin you're looking at has nothing in common with the initial recommendation.  "How'd I get here?!?!" swipes back a couple pins and finally closes app completely because you actually just clicked through to another pin ...and, if you're not careful you'd start the slipping down the slope all over again.

But sometimes ...Sometimes! You stumble upon some really interesting, informative, helpful pins.  I have have created many boards that I never knew I needed to keep pins about, but...oh but I do! And thanks to Pinterest, I now know I do.

I was thinking the other day that one goal of this blog is to share interesting, informative and helpful stuff, much like the things I find myself pinning.  Sure I've set up an IFTTT recipe (or 5) that also posts to Facebook, but I know all of you don't check out This NATURAL Thing on Facebook.  And because I don't want any of you to miss out, I contemplated setting up a recipe for Pinterest to Blogger, but I haven't quite gotten it right yet.  While I work out the kinks, I decided to share here one of the most recent pins I discovered, because everyone needs this.  This may be one of the most informative and useful pins I ever came across in my short 2 years as a pinner.  Each and every one of you will find information in this info-graphic that is helpful to your hair care: you can boost your regimen; improve your hair's health; and build/revise your hair routine around the information contained herein.  I guarantee it!
And when you do, you can thank me by heading over to Pinterest and following my Healthy Hair Journey board, where you will find more pins just like this.  If it really changes your world, then I invite you to follow This NATURAL THING on Pinterest.  I trust that you'll realize, like I have, that each board has a place in your life: you'll enjoy the pins and learn as much as I do by pinning them.  If having the pins like this come directly to you via this blog is something you're also interested in, let me know in the comments below.

If I'm wrong about this pin in your life, you  can also let me know in the comments.  Just tell me, "there was no new information, this added no value to your hair journey, and didn't enlighten you in any way".  Yup, you can quote exactly that, it's okay, I won't be offended... It won't stop me from sharing with you, since I just can't keep all this to myself ...unless you don't want me to...

20 Best Hair Oils for Your Perfect Locks
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