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Eat & Move Series | August Review

Eat & Move Series | August 2016 Review - travelling + broken phone = another incomplete
1 step forward, 2 steps back

This is the dance I've been playing with my Diet through this series.  Just when I think I have the rhythm figured out, the song gets switched and I find myself stumbling to keep on beat.

For August I was supposed to be focusing on building a solid lunch template, one that provides adequate nutrition and prevents muscle loss, in my goal to increase weight through building lean muscle mass through diet and exercise.  If you recall, I had it all figured out, and told you all about my plan to achieve greatness here.  It was the perfect plan, it was practically fool proof.
Planning and Scheduling Lunch for Increased Lean Muscle Mass

Whew, that means I'm no fool!  But somewhere between vacationing, travelling, the foodie that I am, and my broken phone with no apps on which to track, the clear objective was lost.

...what assessment? Let me break it down like this...

First of all, I recorded nothing.  Nada!  For yet another month I have no report on my consumption of food.
As a result, I have no base for comparison, no understanding of the quality and quantity of the lunches I've consumed for a whole month... or any food I've eaten.

Therefore, there was nothing to assess, nothing to adjust, nothing to gauge progress, and nothing on which to rate effectiveness.

With no documentation and assessment, it wouldn't be accurate to say I failed, but then I also wasn't successful.  I can say that my workout performance improved, but I can't prove it.  So where does leave that me?

Yet another big fat INCOMPLETE

I'd like to believe the improvements are continuing but I'll never know without validation.  I need more focus, and maybe more discipline.  I am still travelling, and quite frankly it's a cop-out excuse.  I simply must do better!
In terms of food and generally eating though, August was amazing and delicious.  Like I said travelled throughout the whole entire month.  I ate so many things, in so many places, you don't even know!  Check out my foodie-gram for all the fun eats and fancy drinks.  Like this one...

A photo posted by @smell_sight_taste on
I'm now getting around to posting, so everything's gonna be a later gram - insert broken phone excuse


Ongoing Goals

Sadly nothing to report, due to that broken phone with  no apps situation.

Nutrition - refer to the above
April Mini Goal in Eat & Move Series 2016 by This Natural Thing

I did sleep! I got 8 hours almost every night, I promise you I did, but again, no proof... so I might as well be walking around puffy eyes and dark circles... shrug
May Mini Goal in Eat & Move Series 2016 by This Natural Thing
You're having better success with this Nutrition thing than I am, I hope

~ Josie Jo ~


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