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Prepping My Hair for Permanent Hair Colour | 5 Techniques

5 Techiques for Hair Colour Prep | This Natural Thing

I've been doing a lot lately with my hair, while I don't consider myself a lazy natural, I try to keep things simple.  In one month, really maybe all in one week I did more than I've done with my hair for the whole year!  And all in the name of colour.  

Don't believe me?  Well, let me tell you.

It started with the plan to colour my hair hair before July was out ie end of July.  I knew therefore that I had to prepare my hair for the colouring process, which could be detrimental to natural (or any) strands if not done carefully and correctly.  Colouring is a chemical process which alters the hair in order to achieve the results, not much unlike a relaxer - ok, maybe not, it's not so severe in the alteration process - mild exaggeration on my part.  It was this preparation that resulted in my getting in with my hair, but, it was for the health of my hair in the long run.  All things done were methods and techniques for hair colour prep.

And I did colour my hair, and recorded the process you can check it out here.

5 Techniques for Hair Colour Preparation 

to ensure hair is at its healthiest and to achieve the best colour results
    5 Techniques for Hair Colour Prep | This Natural Thing
  1. Gentle Hair Care 
  2. Regular Deep Conditioning 
  3. Low Manipulation Styles
  4. the Cherry Lola Treatment
  5. Bentonite Clay

Gentle hair care products that don't strip hair or overload it give way to healthy hair able to withstand the colouring process.  To begin preparing my hair I started using the Carol's Daughter Almond Milk line.  This line is designed for extremely damaged, over-processed hair - damage from intentional and natural environmental aggressors.  It "Reverses Damage, Strengthens & Protects Hair, Restores Softness".  I chose this line not only because I had it on hand after winning via IG, but because it is gentle, restoring, and protective.  The active ingredients were also those that agree with my hair, and are proven to improve hair health.  This made it perfect for preparing my hair for the hair colouring process.  I'll do a full review on this line soon.

Deep Conditioning provides the opportunity to boost moisture infusion into the hair, along with other nutrients.  This would allow the hair to combat the drying effects of colouring.  I ensured to maintain DCs through the month, though already a vital part of my hair care regimen.  Additionally, summer is hot, and the air could be exponentially drying to hair - although its usually high humidity here in Bermuda - I would recommend weekly deep conditioning to maintain moisture levels in hair.  This is one reason, I'm sure, deep conditioning was also included in the #HealthyHair4Summer challenge.

Low Manipulation styles reduce stress and tension on the hair.  These were my styles of choice over the month because my hair was about to undergo a considerably stressful process, I chose this route in styling so my hair would retain its strength that would be needed during and after the colouring process.

As the month went along, I also continued research into other hair health enhancing and improvement techniques and recipes. Max Hydration Method (MHM) which I had long had my eye on as it includes both the Cherry Lola Treatment (CLT) and a Clay Rinse.  

I didn't execute a full MHM, but did apply both the Cherry Lola and Clay Rinse (see my results here and hereover the month of preparation.   Both processes theoretically, and from experience improve the results of colouring natural hair.

The CLT came about when a blogger in an attempt to reduce frizz in her natural hair stumbled upon this recipe, which she then experimented to achieve the results she desired.  The Cherry Lola Treatment strengthens hair and improves manageability.  It is also perfect for Low Porosity (LoPo) hair as it lifts the hair cuticles, which in LoPo hair are tightly packed; the reason for the inability to readily absorb  moisture (or colour).  So it helps restore porosity to normal/medium over use and time. 

Bentonite Clay has great hair health benefits.  It is known to thoroughly cleanse hair through a gentle process removing residue from products that may contain toxins and chemicals that adhere to hair and are not easily removed with sulfate free shampoos and cleansers.  It is all natural, or should be-ensure your purchase is not contaminated in its procurement process.  It leaves hair clean without stripping it and also conditions and softens hair, which is needed when putting hair through the colouring process.  There are also the additional benefits of improved definition and moisture retention in the hair when used as part of the Max Hydration Method

Those are my 5 techniques to prepare hair for a colour process.  Give them a try the next time you're going to colour.

My intention was to include the MHM as part of my hair colour prep as it exponentially infuses moisture into hair and regulates porosity both of which could improve the colour process result.  As we know, colour is known to cause dryness in hair as a result of the chemical process to lift colour when lightening and with permanent dyes, and a boost of moisture would not hurt in hair care colour preparations.  I however split the application of both processes - CLT and Clay Rinse - and I undertook a sort of staggered and condensed version of the Max Hydration Method.   I would like to complete the full process at some point - but not now that I've coloured my hair, I'd like the colour to remain vibrant and for as long as possible.  So now I'm on a coloured hair care journey, which I'll be sure to share with you all once I have it figured out.

How do you prepare for Hair Colouring?  
Share your tips below

~ Josie Jo ~


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