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Hair Clay - the deets

Since my first experience with clay and the detailed post on Bentonite Clay which I shared with you I received a couple questions so I decided to expand on the topic just a bit more.

This last installation serves to highlight the overall benefits of using clay in your lifestyle, as well as to draw attention to the different types of Bentonite Clay.  Some of you may have used bentonite clay and sworn it off because you did not achieve the results you were hoping for, possibly due to the type of bentonite used, or included in the product you bought.  Before my interest led me to research clay and specifically bentonite clay I too was unaware of the differences, and preferred uses for each.  So I'm here to share my knowledge, so that you too may know the difference and it may aid your selection for purchasing and usage.

Hair Clay - the deets | This NATURAL Thing

Benefits of Clays

Apart from the great detox properties, clays also have a few underrated benefits, including

  • Affordability - most with the exception of exotic clays such as Dead Sea Clay are very inexpensive. I got 2lbs  Bentonite for $9.99 online.  Which is great for a product with the winning combination of a long shelf life and having a little go a long way. You can buy in bulk without worry of expiration and having your product go to waste.
  • Availability - there are many an option online from which to choose with much ease, and even at a number of 'health' conscious stores that stock clays and clay based products.
  • Natural - its from this earth, natural, potent, and mineral-rich.
  • Prevents Hair Loss - caused by stress, heredity and certain scalp conditions can be alleviated by the use of clays which contains manganese, a mineral that increases blood flow - just by massaging a clay mix into your scalp and letting sit for a few minutes will improve the health of your scalp.

Hair Clay - the deets | This NATURAL Thing

Natural Clays

There are a few clays which have become very common in natural hair care - Dead Sea Clay, Rassoul, Kaolin, and Bentonite. Each have their own specific blend of the above mentioned benefits.  After my first level of research I decided on Bentonite and focused further research on this specific clay before using.

Bentonite is a naturally occurring clay which results from aged, weathered volcanic ash and water, settled over the course of hundreds to thousands of years, which allows a variety of the earth's nutrients to be absorbed into it.  Bentonite has both absorbtion and adsorption properties.  It has a negative charge when hydrated, which increases it's cleansing and detoxifying properties, allowing it to draw out and absorb toxins, chemicals and impurities with positive charge.  It is perfect for face masks and toothpaste, and is safe for internal use
In hair it also has the ability to condition, improve shine, softness and definition.

Now, there are several types of bentonite based on the dominant element contained in the clay, the 2 most commonly found types of Bentonite are - Calcium and Sodium.

Types of Bentonite Clay

One of the most popular bentonite clays is the Indian Healing Clay carried by many popular brands, which is a Calcium Bentonite Clay.  Calcium bentonite also known at the Living Clay has the highest recommendation for internal use as it is said to be more effective at pulling toxins than the sodium type.  Due to the high sodium content of sodium bentonite, restrictions are placed on ingesting it, for health concerns and reasons.

Sodium Bentonite Clay has no common or popular brand that I discovered, and is simply referred to as such.  It has a higher suggestion for use externally as it undergoes greater swelling than calcium bentonite when in contact with liquid.  It can swell up to 7-10x its weight, and 18x its volume. This makes it highly absorbent, increasing its ability to draw out and bind to toxins.  This swelling ability allows for great surface area to extract more toxins from the body.  It would seem however, to be used most frequently externally, for detox baths, facials, poultices, and more.

Now, I think I have exhausted the topic of clay, hair clay, bentonite

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If there's anything at all that I missed, or you'd like to add so below⇩⇩

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