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18 Months Natural | Hair Update

This NATURAL Thing | 18 Months Natural | Hair Update
It's been quite a while that I've shared a strictly hair focused post.  Since I'm up on my 18 month mark today, I decided this was the perfect time for a catch up.

I'm sure you're interested to learn of all that has been ongoing on this Natural Hair Journey: the ups and downs; lessons and learnings; successes and fails.  What's new on your end? Please share all in the comments, include links to your update posts or videos if you have them!

The last time we left off I had just hit the one year natural mark in June.  To celebrate (?) I went to a salon for the first time in a year since having my hair cut to have an annual trim and hair assessment.  This was quite the experience, if you remember...

Since then it's been an ongoing adventure and the love affair continues with my hair.  In chronological order, this is what I've put my hair through - things I have done that may be considered risky and could have potentially altered my strands and even caused major damage:


The Cherry Lola Treatment
Wash Day with The Cherry Lola Treatment | 18 Months Natural Hair UpdateIf you missed my posts on testing and the results of the Cherry Lola Treatment, you missed out. This may have been the most hyped I have ever been about testing a hair DIY since being natural - Henna had it's moment.  After reading reviews and watching endless videos on the process, and testimonials, I gave it a try myself.  Needless to say I was not disappointed.  This may be the best treatment for my kinks and coils.  It's too bad I haven't done it since, so really I'm not speaking from a place of expertise, but that one time... it's all I needed.
Head of to these for a quick refresher on my DIY Cherry Lola Recipe and Results.

Bentonite Clay Mask
Wash Day Using Bentonite Clay | This NATURAL Thing | 18 Months Natural Hair UpdateJuly must have been the month of DIY treatments as I also tried Bentonite Clay, and not so long after the CLT.  There was a method to my apparent madness - check it out here.  For all the rave reviews and people who swear by bentonite clay masks, I could not hop on the bandwagon.  As much as I wanted to - and I really wanted to.  But it left me mildly disappointed.  It may have been the recipe I selected to use, or the weather here, or my technique.  I'm still uncertain as I have not had the benefit of repeat performance to date.  I really do need to however, as I purchased a full 2lb bag of this stuff!  I definitely need to make it a point to revisit early in the next year - which is only 2 weeks away!
All the same, check out my Application & Results using Bentonite Clay, as well as my Reservations & Reactions immediately following use.


Permanent Colour
DIY Permanent Colour Experience | This NATURAL Thing | 18 Months Natural Hair UpdateThis may have been my most scary experience.  Not in a bad way.  But I was genuinely afraid to attempt this process myself.  I got over it quickly however as I had many a hair colour experience under my belt... though none were permanent.  All in all this turned out pretty well.  I did not attain the colour I set out to - but then again, you rarely ever do with box dyes - and I knew that going in but was hopeful nonetheless.  I can report that I have not suffered any adverse reactions to permanently dyeing my hair myself either, which I attribute to the Preparation for Permanent Hair Colour and Caring for Coloured Hair techniques that I have employed in my hair care routine.
Click here to review the Colour Application Post & Video

Temporary Colour
Temporary Hair Colour | 18 Months Natural Hair Update | This NATURAL Thing
If you also follow me on social media, you may have noticed shortly after I shared my Hair Colour Experience with you that my hair took on a different hue.  While I meant to also share that process and experience with you, it seems I never made final edits on the video or post, and they're still sitting in Drafts awaiting their day of publication.  However, since it did happen, I'm officially sharing with you now that I also temporarily dyed my hair.  In fact, it was the sole reason I permanently dyed my hair - to achieve a brighter more vibrant end result.  I consider myself no novice to temporary dyes and was really excited about this process and colour, which I loved, and still do as it continues to linger on my strands - only when caught in just the right lighting.

The Adventures of September through December pale in comparison to these 2 months.  I've been relying on variety through styling. Maybe it's something about the Summer that make you take bigger risks and try more exciting things!


I've tried quite a few interesting and different styles (pictured in the post cover).  Some I didn't think I could pull off with my length, or texture, but they worked!  You never know until you try, right?  I didn't create styling videos or took notes of these at the time, but if you want me to for any of these let me know in the comments and I'll recreate them just for you.
Here's the one I did manage to share with you.  You may recognize it's a version of my go-to style - A Flat Twist Up-do
My Go-to Style - Flat Twist Up-do | 18 Months Natural Hair Update | This NATURAL Thing
At the end of it all I can say, with all that I put my hair through, I still have a full head of thick, course, dense, kinky, coily hair.  I love that it has been resilient through it all, and continues to reward me with amazing hair days and staying healthy.  I do owe the latter to due diligence in my hair care practices.  

I will confess that every now and then I may slip on a treatment and not respond as quickly as I should to what my hair is alerting me to as far as its needs.  It happens, we get busy, tired and sometimes really just don't feel like.  But once there is overall balance in your health, you take the time to care for your hair, and employ consistent use of ingredients and products that help in your mission towards achieving your hair goals, you will not fail on your journey.

You don't have to have the same boring hair day in and out.  Try a new product, technique, ingredient, DIY something, cut, colour or style.  If it works great! If not, scratch it off the list and move on to the next thing.  
Now is the time, I assure you your hair really won't mind...and it'll grow back if it does. 

~ Josie Jo ~


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