Wednesday, 15 July 2015

What's Your 'Dosha'

Part of leading a Healthy Lifestyle means being active, some would say working out and exercising.  However there are many ways to be active which don't include a gym membership, running around the block or getting sweaty...because lets be honest, everybody doesn't do well 'sweaty'.

With different body types, personality types and methods of being active, it isn't surprising that there is a school of thought out there that says different activities are more compatible with specific 'life-energy' types.  It is founded in the Hindu system of Ayurveda, and there's a site that provides a short quiz which tells you the kind of physical activity that best suits your type.  When I stumbled upon this, I of course took it with a grain of salt, as all things on the internet not backed and supported in medical and modern science.  However, I decided to entertain the quiz to see what the outcome would be, and to my surprise it was quite accurate as it returned a 'life-energy' type and suggested activities that I currently do or have been very interesting in incorporating.

I invite you to take the quiz by following the link below, if only to test its accuracy.  It's short and you may learn something, or find a new and enjoyable way to be active.

I just wanted to share this with you in the event it's something you may be interested in.  I can share my results from The Dosha Quiz and current methods of Activity I enjoy in leading a Healthy Lifestyle if you're interested.
Please let me know in the comments below.

~ Josie Jo ~

Are you currently leading a Healthy Lifestyle?
How do you stay active?

DISCLAIMER: This information was obtained from a public website on the internet at, which cites What’s Your Dosha, Baby? by Lisa Marie Coffey (Marlowe and Company, 2004) as its source.  You can follow the link below for more details.

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