Sunday, 19 July 2015

TWA + 1

17 - July - 2015

Time flies when you're having fun! At least that's the saying.  I do suppose its true because its already been a month since my hair cut...The Big Chop!
A whole month has passed and I have no idea where it went and when.  I can say that its been thoroughly enjoyed though, and I have so many pictures to prove it.

It's not my fault... Selfies are addictive!!!

I have learned a few things, tried a few things and had some successes! *Score!  It really has been good.

Here are a few photo-snaps to recap.

Pardon my excitement, but this versatility is exciting!  Had it not been me, I may be thinking "seriously? Calm down.  It's only been a month", but being that it is me... I'm excused.

I hope to keep taking pictures to document the evolution...until the excitement wears off of course, if it ever does.

~ Josie Jo ~

*Afro Growth ~Stages~ photo courtesy BuzzFeed Community via Pinterest

Up next: 'Validation'

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