Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Validation | What I've Learned in One Month

I'm not sure these are things I Learned in one month, but I am sure they have been Validated.

1. What Curl Pattern?
  1. I have ZERO definition of a Curl Pattern
    It is customary to come across natural hair as defined by a curl pattern, the all too familiar number with a letter attached.  I wouldn't say I've been looking for a curl pattern, but of those on offer, my hair chooses none.  It chooses to be its own being and entity. This is no exaggeration, see below.  It may very well be that a pattern has not 'come in yet' and that's okay, because regardless of what I do and how I do it, this hair will continue to do as it may...and that's a fact.
    As a result I will continue to treat my hair in the one way that superceeds all suggestion based on Curl Pattern, and that is with Tender Loving Care.

  2. Coarse. Dense. Thick. Full
    Descriptive words...who doesn't love verbs?!  While I have always described my hair using these very same 3 words, they have new meaning to me now.  I would like to sing of the blessing of this TWA Stage because I would not have been prepared for the unleashing of this hair with length if I chose Long-Term Transitioning & Protective Styling.  When people said they can't deal with or manage their hair, and kept it in Buns, Braids, or Weaves I silently thought of them as lazy and/or boring...I now ask for forgiveness as I have sinned.  I would also like to say THANK YOU to my mother who patiently and tenderly cared for my hair for 12 years.  I now need her to pen every Tip, Trick & Technique used to master my Hair Care.

    2. Dense. Thick. Full

  3. The Sahara has NOTHING on this patch of landscape that sits atop my head
    Dry: free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist (Oxford Dictionary)
         Synonyms: parched · dried · withered · shriveled · wilted · wizened · crisp
    I know these words all too well...and it helps as I am able to relate highly descriptive tales of my Hair Chronicles.  I tell NO lies!  This level of dryness can only be experienced.  In this time of discovery and learning, there is much this grasshopper must learn in this area; I just hope the curve is not steep.
    Having a full head of hair constantly exposed to the elements makes it twice (if not more) as hard to retain moisture for ANY period of time. Like any newbie, I experiment with different methods, taking to account uncontrolled variables (atmosphere, environment) to determine what works best.  So far, the results have returned many EPIC FAILS, all of which I am happy to cross off the list early, when the stakes are not as high.  The TWA Stage is definitely the most forgiving as there isn't much length to damage and the rebound time is short.
  4. Hair Care takes TIME
    Long. Short. Thick. Fine. Doesn't matter. Hair Care is time consuming.
    I find myself still coming out upwards of 10 hours on Wash Day, because Overnight Treatments still apply either to Pre-Poo or Deep Condition.  Do not confuse this with 'doing your hair' aka Styling, as that can actually be quick depending on the 'do'.

    However, caring for your hair, especially in the early stages of discovery such as I find myself, which entails learning how and which products/ingredients 'play' (preferably nice) with your hair is a waiting game.  There are many trials and applications, as with any study or experiment, sample size is not indicative of generalized results.  That is to say, what works for Peter may not work for Paul. And so, personal tests have to be completed over a period of time to obtain sustained results, before induction or elimination from the Routine

    4. Typical Wash Day Time Breakdown (hrs)

What other validation will come, I patiently await to see.

~ Josie Jo ~

"That is what learning is.  You suddenly understand something you've understood all your life, but in a different way"
~ Doris Lessing

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