Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Work It Out

I enjoy working out...exercising...being active.  I also enjoy doing new things, seeing new places and having fun.  After all, isn't that living?  Doing the same things over and over, in the same place and the same way surely isn't living...I'll tell you that!  And so I like to blend, mix and incorporate these 2 things that bring joy to my life.

Understandably sometimes it may be difficult to do something entirely new, in a new place.  But that's where being creative and having fun comes in. This is totally applicable to exercise out too!

Exercise, or working out is just one aspect of leading a Healthy Lifestyle.  Some believe that you need a gym to exercise, but the funds, time, and leisure of attending a gym may escape some of us, self included.  Thankfully, there are some interesting and fun ways to exercise and lead a Healthy Lifestyle that don't require a gym membership.  Using the resources you have, you can create and follow a plan or routine that suits you, and your specific lifestyle and goals.  Sometimes all you need to do is just walk out your door.
Remember, Exercise is any bodily or mental exertion, especially for the sake of training or improvement of health.  With this broad definition of exercise, all sorts of fun activities would qualify, leaving no excuse for not improving this area of Healthy Living and maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle.

Here are 3 Categories and example Activities that you can incorporate into a Healthy Lifestyle ...And a few reasons why you should if you don't.

I currently follow a few of these as part of my on-going routine, but Yoga is the core of my practice.

  • Flexibility Training
    • improves your posture and enhances your ability to relax
    • can alleviate soreness in overworked muscles, as well as stored tension from day-to-day stress
    • regular stretching also prevents injury
        1. Yoga
        2. Pilates
        3. Stretching
  • Strength Training
    • improves bone density, warding off osteoporosis
    • improves body composition so you have a greater percentage of muscle mass, which boosts your metabolism and gives you a toned appearance
    • develops strong muscles and connective tissues, which makes your body move more efficiently so your joints don't take the brunt of all your activity and experience injury
    • increases strength leading to improved overall quality of life by providing you with more stamina and preventing many of the aches and pains that are exacerbated by inactivity
        1. Body Weight Training
        2. Weight Lifting
        3. Resistance Training
  • Cardio Training - The most commonly thought of as 'exercise'.  
    • strengthens your heart and burns calories to help you manage your weight.  
    • builds up your endurance for day-to-day living even as you grow older when done regularly
    • releases more feel-good chemicals in the brain, which boosts your mood
        1. Cycling
        2. Swimming
        3. Aerobics
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~ Josie Jo ~

Do you currently include any of these, or other activities as part of your Healthy Lifestyle?

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